South Korea is the Only Country that Maintains a Healthy Population of This Animal

If you ever get a chance to drive on local roads in Korea, you might encounter an animal you’ve never seen before.

You might think, “Isn’t that a deer? There are deers where I live.”

It’s kinda different in Korea. It’s a deer, but it’s a water deer, 고라니 (go-ra-ni) in Korean.

Water deer is characterized by two appointed canine teeth sticking out of its mouth. 

Why is it an animal you’ve never seen before?

That’s because water deer is a native species of Korea and China. Internationally, water deer is classified as a threatened species. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has designated the water deer as a VULNERABLE species on the Red List.

Globally, water deer is a vulnerable species. But to Koreans, it’s commonly known as a harmful wild animal.

The number of water deers living in Korea is estimated to be around 700,000, accounting for 90% of the total water deer population. There are a lot of people who are stressed by the damage caused by water deer every year in South Korea.

The main reason is that they damage the crops. Farmers always have to prepare for a war against water deer from destroying the crops. In the worst-case scenario, water deers could ruin all of the farming in the year. 

Another way Koreans think of water deer is “roadkill.” They are one of the most common roadkill animals. Jumping into the light, countless water deers are hit by cars every year.

???? Are there any animals that only live in your country?

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