2023 Korean Chuseok : How People Spend Chuseok in Korea These Days

What Chuseok Traditionally Meant to Koreans

Chuseok is a celebration celebrated at the end of the year to give appreciation for the harvest. In Korea, it is regarded as one of the largest holidays.

Due to the scarcity of everything back then, including food and clothing, the festival was considerably larger than it is today. People temporarily put a challenging reality out of their minds during the Chuseok holiday in order to enjoy the joyous occasion with their loved ones.

Traditionally, Koreans spent Chuseok by doing these activities : Click

How Do Koreans Spend Chuseok Nowadays?

As society has modernized and become a nuclear family, the way we celebrate Chuseok has changed a lot. I think there are three main things how people spend time on Chuseok.

1. Visit family and spend tiem with the expended family

In the modern world, there are many families that don’t do this anymore, but there are still many families that do it, and it’s the traditional way I mentioned earlier.

2. Traveling internationally and domestically

: Since this is the first holiday after the declaration of the end of COVID-19, many people are traveling abroad, especially this time. According to Incheon International Airport, the number of passengers using Incheon Airport during the week of the holiday increased by 188.9% compared to last year.

3. Spend time alone at home

According to the Economist*, one in two people said they will not visit their hometown, and one in four said they will relax alone at home.

To help them enjoy holiday food, many convenience stores are reportedly launching a series of single-serve meals and bento boxes.

*According to a survey of 3,000 men and women aged 20-69 nationwide conducted by online research agency PIA, Inc.

We’re here to answer questions from our UoH friends

Q1. When exactly is the Chuseok holiday in 2023?

A1. It is from September 28 to October 3. Chuseok Day will be on September 29. October 2 is a temporary holiday, and October 3 is National Foundation Day. This is why this holiday is called Golden Week!

Q2. What do you recommend foreigners do to spend time on Chuseok in Korea?

A2. I’ve heard from a lot of UoH friends that they feel lonely during Chuseok in Korea, but even in Korea, there are Koreans who are far from their hometowns and spend time alone. Around this time next year, I’m going to organize a program where we can make holiday food together, so we can have a warm holiday together.

Q3. I’m traveling to Korea for Chuseok; will all restaurants and shops be closed?

A3. There are quite a few places that are usually closed on Chuseok. However, many places in Korea (especially in Seoul) work on holidays, so you shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to eat or enjoy. Just make sure to check if your business is open. Otherwise, head out into the city center, go to the places that are open, and enjoy!

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