3 Unique Ways of Eating Korean Ramen

1. BREAK IT : 생라면

생라면 means “uncooked ramen.” Many Koreans enjoy the uncooked ramen mixed with its soup powder as a snack. The perfect combination of the crispiness of ramen noodles and the spicy, savory seasoning makes people crave for more. But be careful when you mix the powder! It might get into your nose and you can cough like crazy. ????

HOW TO MAKE 생라면 뿌셔먹기

1. Get ramen

2. Break into bite-size pieces without opening it

3. Tear one side of a ramen package carefully

4. Take out the soup base powder and vegetable mix

5. Mix the ramen with the soup base powder (Shake it!)

6. Enjoy your ramen!

2. FRY IT : 라면땅

Another way of eating uncooked ramen is to make 라면땅. ‘라면땅’ was the name of a snack by Lotte in 1972. Then, it became a byword for all the snacks that look similar. It’s a fried version of uncooked ramen, added with sugar, starch syrup, soup powder, or mayonnaise, depending on your preference. (But sugar is a must). It’s crispy, sweet, and savory. 


1. Get ramen

2. Break into bite-size pieces without opening the package

3. Add oil to a pan

4. Add the ramen pieces to a pan

5. Add 2 tbsp of starch syrup and 1 tbsp of sugar

6. Mix evenly so that it won’t get all burnt up

6. Enjoy your ramen!

3. POUR IT : 뽀글이

뽀글이 originated from the Korean military. Soldiers often eat ramen in this way, the most convenient way, when they’re hungry. It’s cooked in a bag with hot water without boiling it in a pot. All you need is ramen, hot water, and wooden chopsticks. It’s really convenient because you don’t need a pot and stove and there’s no need to do the dishes.


1. Get ramen

2. Tear one side of a ramen package

3. Put in the soup base powder and vegetable mix

4. Add hot water until the ramen is submerged

5. Tighten the opening of the package with undivided wooden chopsticks

6. Wait until the noodles are cooked (3~7 mins)

7. Enjoy your ramen!

Have you ever tried any of these three ways?

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