5 Korean Chicken Brands You Should Probably Know About

As of 2019, there are about 87,000 chicken restaurants in Korea. For comparison, there are 1,639 Starbucks stores in Korea and about 38,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the world. As the data shows, Korea loves chicken.

If you visit Korea as a tourist, you might wonder, “Which chicken restaurant should I go among all these tens of thousands of chicken restaurants? ????”

So, here are the 5 chicken brands that you might want to look at.

#1 굽네치킨

The Most Famous Menu :

고추 바사삭 (Chili Pepper Crunch) 18,000 won ($13.84)

굽네 comes from the verb “굽다”, which means “to roast” in Korean. Established in 2005, Goobne Chicken brought ‘chickens roasted in an oven’ to Korea. Today, 1,096 branches are located nationwide. As you can see in the title, all the chickens are roasted, not fried. Their most famous menu is 고추 바사삭. It’s crispy outside, tender inside, and covered with Korean chili pepper. It comes with two sauces: jalapeño mayonnaise sauce and tabasco mayonnaise sauce. Although it’s covered with chili, many Koreans say it’s not that spicy. 

#2 BBQ

The Most Famous Menu :

황금 올리브 치킨 (Golden Olive Chicken) 20,000 won ($15.37)

BBQ stands for “Best of the Best Quality.” Established in 1995, BBQ has 1,746 stores nationwide. It’s famous for using “golden olive oil” when frying chickens. Their 황금 올리브 치킨 (Golden Olive Chicken) is often picked as many Koreans’ favorite classic fried chicken. It’s super crispy! (my favorite chicken)

#3 교촌치킨

(허니콤보; Honey Combo)

The Most Famous Menu :

교촌오리지날 (Kyochon Original) 16,000 won ($12.24)

Their name “Kyochon” symbolizes all rural areas of Korea. Established in 1991, they have more than 1,337 stores nationwide. Different from other chicken brands, the base sauce of their signature chicken, 교촌오리지날, is soy sauce. This soy sauce made 교촌치킨 famous. And I have to mention their delicious 허니콤보, where honey is added on top of soy sauce. It’s good.

#4 BHC

The Most Famous Menu :
뿌링클 치킨 (Bburinkle Chicken) 18,000 won ($13.84)

BHC stands for ‘Better & Happier Choice.’ Established in 2004, BHC have more than 1,606 stores nationwide. Their most famous chicken is 뿌링클 치킨, which is coated with this magic seasoning “뿌링클 (Bburinkle)” made of cheese, onion, garlic, etc. It’s sweet, savory, and addictive. It has a relatively sweet taste compared to other chickens.

#5 60계치킨

The Most Famous Menu :

간지치킨 (Ganzi Chicken) 20,900 won ($15.99)

Their name “60 Gye” tells customers that only 60 chickens are fried for 18 liters of oil, stressing the cleanness. 60계 치킨 was established in 2015, quite late compared to other chicken brands. They have more than 618 stores nationwide. Their signature menu 간지치킨 is made with a special soy sauce and nurungji (soy sauce 장 + nurungji (scorched rice) 누룽= 간지치킨). It’s excellent in sweet and savory taste.

Interesting Fact About Korean Chicken 1

치킨 무 always comes with chicken, even if you don’t ask for it. 치킨 무 means “chicken radish.” It’s basically pickled radishes, which freshen your mouth when eating oily chickens. You can ask the store to take out 치킨 무 if you want to.

Interesting Fact About Korean Chicken 2

Chicken legs are many Koreans’ favorite parts of a chicken to eat. If you happen to eat two legs, people might get mad at you. That’s why there’s a “COMBO” menu, where only chicken legs and wings are included in a box.

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