6 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Korea

Sheet Masks (마스크 팩) 

Korea is well known for its skincare and cosmetic products. We would recommend you to buy some sheet masks – easy to use for every age, race, gender, because there is a large variety, and different types that are good for reducing fine lines, glowing skin, stressed-out skin, dry skin and more.

Coffee Mug or Tumbler (커피 머그・텀블러)

Korea, especially Seoul, has so many cafes. As Seoul is a highly populated area, Koreans started to gather and talk at cafes, and therefore it created this huge, unique cafe culture. We would recommend you to buy a coffee mug or tumbler to remember your visit to Korea! Practical and memorable choice. 

Norigae Tassel Ornament (노리개)

Norigae is a typical, traditional tassel ornament accessory used in Hanbok (traditional ethnic Korean clothes). We recommend you to get one, as it is aesthetic, and it can be perfectly used as a decorative pendant and a fashion item symbolizing a good-luck charm and wealth.

Korean Food & Snacks (한국 과자)

Every country has its unique snacks, and it’s always great to get  the most authentic, popular, and quality ones in Korea. Here are some of the lists : ① flavored almonds (so many different kinds), ② seaweed, and ③ mini Korean cookie with rice.

Character Goods (캐릭터 굿즈)

We would also recommend you to get some cute, affordable items that can be practical and memorable for your visit. Here are the lists: ① character socks, ② phone case, and ③ notes.

Traditional Items (전통 상품)

We know it’s not easy to carry heavy stuff when traveling. Here are some basic yet unique souvenir items that you can bring easily. Here are the lists: ① coaster, ② card holders and Korean lacquerware hand mirror.

Which Korean Souvenirs You Would Like to Buy in Korea?

Hope our tips were helpful! ????

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