6 Cafes In Seoul For A Different Kind of Bungeoppang Experience

What Is Boongeoppang (붕어빵)?

This is a classic K-dessert. A type of flour dough bread, Korean boongeoppang is a localized street food that was brought to Korea by Japanese taiyaki. Boongeo(붕어) is the name of a freshwater fish that belongs to the carp family. Ppang(빵) means bread. It’s typically made with red beans in a flour dough, but nowadays there are many variations, such as custard, corn bread, pizza, sweet potato cream, choux cream, and more!

Koreans love to discuss the following topics :

1. Do you eat boongeoppang’s head first or tail first?

2. Do you prefer choux or red beans filling ?

It’s typical street food, and they still sell a lot of it on the streets. However, nowadays, you can also find boongeoppang in cafes, where it is served as a dessert in various ways.

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Here are a few cafes in Seoul where you can try them.

1. Myosa Seoul (묘사 서울)

The menu at Myosa Seoul is said to have been inspired by the Boongeoppang that Koreans used to eat with childhood friends. The Boongeoppang at Myosa Seoul is in the form of a Monaka, filled with butter and sweet red bean paste. In addition to the shape of Boongeoppang, there are other shapes such as bear and tiger!

2. Boongeo Urangdan (붕어유랑단)

As its name suggests, Bungeo Urangdan wanders around the country, opening pop-ups in every corner. In addition to the standard sweet red bean and choux cream, they also offer a variety of other flavors such as dirty chocolate bun, pollock roe mayo bun, sweet corn mayo bun, and mashed pepper mayo bun. Starting in November, they will be holding pop-up stores at Lotte Department Stores nationwide, starting with Lotte Department Store Nowon.

3. CHILDISH (차일디쉬)

Cafe Childish in Seongsu-dong sells a unique Boongeoppang that combines salt bread and boongeoppang bread. You can enjoy the chewiness of the salt bread and the sweetness of the boongeoppang. The buns start baking as soon as you place your order and take about 7 minutes to finish. Cafe owner says that it’s best to call ahead to make sure they’re available between 5 and 6 p.m., when when they get the biggest crowds!


It’s where French interior moods and boongeoppang come together. From creamy to red bean, choux cream, sweet potato, milk cream, strawberry cream, chocolate cream, banana pudding, earl grey, salted caramel, and more, they offer a variety of flavors for every season.

5. Chulboozi Boongeopbba(철부지 붕어빠)

They sell red bean choux cream and whole mozzarella boongeoppang. In 2023, they launched a corn butter boongeoppang. It’s an espresso place, but many people come here for the boongeoppang!

6. Everyday Happy Birthday(에브리데이해피벌쓰데이)

This place makes sweet and crispy boongeoppang. They come in four flavors: red bean, choux, sweet potato, and corn cheese, and they’re great with Americano and cream coffee.

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