7 Best Convenience Store Gimbaps in Korea

Convenience Stores Are Meccas For Quick Korean Food

Here is a list of 7 of our favorite convenience store gimbaps. Microwave these gimbaps for about 20 secs, so the rice grains are warm and taste better.

❶ 7-Eleven’s Spam Egg Gimbap

• KRW 2,800
• It’s a very simple gimbap with just spam, eggs, danmuji (Korean pickled radish), and cucumber. This is a lower-sodium food compared to the regular version to make it a little healthier.

❷ CU’s Boseong Green Tea Pork Gimbap

Photo by Yespapa Tistory

• KRW 2,400
• It uses loin from Nokdon (pigs raised on green tea), a specialty of Boseong-gun, South Jeolla province. The pork cutlet makes up a large portion, so it’s a filling meal. There are also cabbage and danmuji, so the overall flavor is well balanced.

❸ GS25’s Tofu Tender Gimbap

• KRW 3,000
• It’s a collaboration between food company Pullmuwon and convenience store GS25. It utilizes plant-based ingredients, but it’s not vegan as there are some animal ingredients in the sauce and toppings. You can enjoy the plant-based tenders made with tofu, crab meat, cucumber, and carrots.

❹ GS25’s Jeonju Bibim Gimbap

Photo by tingsntime

• KRW 2,600
• You can’t help but love Korean food with gochujang (Korean chili paste) and oil. The greens, spinach, bean sprouts, and shredded bulgogi are filled with a deliciously spicy kimbap filling.

❺ GS25’s Chamchi (Tuna) Mayo Gimbap

Photo by 002yw naver

• KRW 3,000
• Many gimbap lovers consider the tuna gimbap to be the best. This one is filled with tuna, brown rice, carrots, burdock, ham, and eggs.

❻ GS25’s SPAM Mugeunji Gimbap

Photo by 002yw naver

• KRW 3,100
• The egg- and spam-filled gimbap is loaded with mugeunji (meaning kimchi that’s aged for a long time), carrots, burdock, and danmuji.

❼ CU’s Neobiani Grilled Sliced Pork Gimbap

Photo by asdwdw123

• KRW 3,000
• The word neobiani means “thinly sliced meat” in Korean. The gimbap is filled with meat with ssamjang sauce (which is made of fermented soy beans, red chili paste, sesame oil, and more). It’s recommended when you’re in the mood for some quick K-BBQ!

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