7 Korean Movies to Watch When You Want to Cry

Isn’t there a day when you just want to sit down and weep your heart out?

On a day like that, it might be helpful to cry out while watching sad movies. 
Sometimes, crying makes me feel better.

Here are 7 Korean movies that you can watch when you want to cry.

What’s your favorite movie on this list?

내 머리속의 지우개
(A Moment to Remember)

A woman who’s very forgetful meets the love of her life. They quickly fall in love and get married. Then, she finds out she has Alzheimer’s disease. Although it might sound cliche and obvious, the film unfolds the story well.

  • 2004 / romance, drama
  • Directed by Lee Jae-han
  • Starring Son Ye-jin and Jung Woo-sung

아이 캔 스피크
(I Can Speak)

A grandmother, who was one of the victims of the Japanese Military during World War II, is living an ordinary life, hiding her past from others. After a series of events, she decides to learn English to go to the United States Congress and testify at the Comfort Women public hearing. It’s such a touching movie.

  • 2017 / drama, comedy
  • Directed by Kim Hyun-seok
  • Starring Na Moon-hee and Lee Je-hoon

우리들의 행복한 시간
(Maundy Thursday)

Requested by her nun sister, a woman visits a prison to meet a death row inmate. They find out they both have depressing, traumatic childhoods and find happiness for the first time in their lives through each other. They fall for each other even when they know how it will end.

  • 2006 / romance, drama
  • Directed by Song Hae-sung
  • Starring Lee Na-young and Gang Dong-won

님아, 그 강을 건너지 마오
(My Love, Don’t Cross That River)

It’s a documentary film about the love of a married couple in their old age. A 98 year old grandfather and an 89 year old grandmother have been married together for 76 years. The film shows the last 15 months of their marriage.

  • 2014 / documentary
  • Directed by Jin Mo-young
  • Starring Jo Byeong-man and Kang Kye-yeol


A woman named Failan immigrates to Korea after her parents passed away to look for her only remaining relative. But she finds out her relative has already emigrated to Canada. In a difficult situation, she meets a gangster who agrees to have a fake marriage so that she can legally stay in Korea.

  • 2001 / romance, drama
  • Directed by Song Hae-sung
  • Starring Choi Min-sik and Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi

(Secret Sunshine)

After her husband dies from a car accident, a woman moves to Miryang, her husband’s hometown, with her only child, Jun. She’s trying to live a new life in a new town. Then, something unexpected happens that turns her life upside down.

  • 2007 / drama
  • Directed by Lee Chang-dong
  • Starring Jeon Do-yeon and Song Kang-ho

7번방의 선물
(Miracle in Cell No.7)

A mentally disabled father raises his daughter with all his heart. He accidentally gets involved in the death of a child and is arrested on charges of rape and murder that he didn’t even commit. He ends up in a cell room no.7 where he meets five other inmates who help him to see his daughter again.

  • 2013 / comedy, drama
  • Directed by Lee Hwan-kyung
  • Starring Ryu Seung-ryong and Kal So-won 
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