8 Best Hangover Korean Foods

Here Are 8 Best Hangover Cure Korean Dishes That Many People Enjoy The Day After Drinking

1. 뼈 해장국 (Bone Haejang soup)

The Korean word ‘Haejang’ itself means ‘easing the hangover.’ Bone Haejang soup is a soup made with pork bones. It has a salty, earthy flavor, and many people actually pair it with soju and rice wine to accompany their meals.

2. 김치찌개 (Kimchi Jjigae)

Hot and spicy, kimchi jjigae is not medically recognized as a good hangover food, but you can’t help but feel like you’re getting a hangover when you eat a bowl of Korean spicy kimchi, warm soup, and a slice of tofu!

3. 콩나물국 (Bean Sprout Soup)

This soup is made with anchovies and simmered with bean sprouts. It is said that bean sprouts contain a lot of arginine and methionine, which are related to hangovers. You can also eat it rolled in rice! 

4. 북어국 (Dried Pollack Soup)

A clear soup made with dried pollack. Many people add bean sprouts to this soup and eat it as a hangover food. It is recommended for those who like the flavor of dried pollack or dried fish.

5. 감자탕 (Potato Stew)

It actually tastes similar to Bone Haejang soup, but the difference is that it has potatoes. After eating the whole potato stew, add fried rice or noodles.

6. 순대국 (Sundae Rice Soup)

Sundae rice soup contains sundae, pork offal, and broth. It can be eaten mildly or less spicy if you don’t add spicy dadaegi seasoning.

7. 라면 (Ramyeon)

This is the easiest one. Sometimes a hangover is too bad to order delivery or go to a restaurant. Boil up some ramyeon and eat it with kimchi!

8. 짬뽕 (Jjambbong)

Jjambbong is a Korean-style Chinese dish made with seafood, meat, and various vegetables stir-fried in oil, then simmered in broth and served with boiled noodles. It has more ingredients (vegetables, seafood, etc.) than ramyeon, so many people prefer it.

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