5 Best Places to Visit in Seoul For Stationery & Design Lovers

Korean stationery is well known for its cute, delicate design and good quality. Also, getting stationery when traveling can be a great idea – a real meaning of ‘souvenir’, because you can only buy this variety of items in Seoul and remember your trip and stay to Seoul later on. So, here are the 5 curated places for the stationery & design lovers.

1. Point of View (포인트 오브 뷰)“The Best Stationery Store for Adults”

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Photos from Point Of View official website & Instagram

‘Point of View’ is a stationery store where you can enjoy synesthetic experience of the tools – from paper and pens/pencils to beautiful objects. It started in 2018 with a small stand in a corner of the second floor of a cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Later on, finally in November 2022, ‘Point of View’ opened its 3-story building filled with stationery items in Seongsu, Seoul, Korea. The first floor is filled with pens, memos, notebooks, stamps, and postcards, so-called ‘necessary tools for creation.’ The second floor is filled with the objects that arouse thoughts. On the 3rd floor, you can look at some art created by various people and designers to help you finish the creative thinking process.

????1F, 2F, 3F, 18, Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
???? Mon-Sun 12PM – 8PM (*Close on last Monday every month)

2. Small Vintage Pencil Shop Black Heart (작은연필가게 흑심)“If You Love Keeping Your Travel Journals”

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Photos from the official Instagram

How about exploring the worldwide globe in Seoul? This is a place full of vintage pencils from all around the globe, including Germany and Japan. This place opened back in 2016. Melon, a South Korean online music streaming service, once selected ‘Black Heart Small Vintage Shop’ as the store with great background music.

????#301, 3rd Floor, 47, Yeonhui-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
???? Tue-Fri 1PM – 8PM, Sat-Sun 1PM – 7PM (*Close on every Monday)

3. Monami Store (모나미 스토어)“The #1 Korean Stationery Brand Since 1960s”

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Photos from the official Instagram

Monami is the biggest Korean stationery brand that was established in 1963 – the first factory location was known to be the cabbage field in Seongdong. It’s one of the ‘Korea’s National Brands’ where everyone knows what it is. They opened the ‘Monami Concept Store’ in Seongsudong in February 2022. Beyond simply providing the tools, Monami now would like to provide content and focus on ‘drawing’ experiences for millennials. The brand director said in an interview with the Korean media that it took about 8 months to open the Seongsu branch as more than 4 departments put their heads together to provide new experiences that Monami could provide. At the Seongsu branch, people can come by and create their own notebooks by selecting types of paper and colored ink.

????1F, 104, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
???? Mon-Sun 10AM – 9PM

4. Letter Service & Shop Geulwoll (글월)“Experience a Contemporary Letter Shop & Letter Service for Yourself or Your Loved Ones”

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Photos from the official Instagram.

‘Geulwoll’ means ‘letter’ in Korean, and it is also an form of old honorific referring to it. Geulwoll started in 2019 in Seoul, and since then, it has been providing a number of services related to letters. Geulwoll not only cares about the letters themselves, but also takes care of various tools for letters, perfumes and lighting that are also part of the writing scenes. They have two branches in Seoul, one in Yeonhui-dong, and the other is Seongsu-dong.

  • Letter Shop (Yeonhui-dong branch) : The first store of Geulwoll is located in Yeonhui-dong, where you can feel the peacefulness of Seoul city. When you go up to the 4th floor of an inconspicuous old gray building, you will face an apricot-colored space that resembles a letter itself. You can also enjoy the window scneary by the table. Write a letter to yourself or to your loved ones!
  • Letter Room (Seungsu-dong branch) : This store is located in the cultural complex called LCDC Seoul. You will be greeted by the stainless steel shelves and a red carpet. There’s a large table where you can write letters. Enjoy some modern and gentle vibes in the neighborhood of Seongsu-dong.

????Letter Shop branch : #403, 4th Floor, 10, Jeungga-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
???? Mon-Sun 12PM – 6PM

????Letter Room branch : #302, 3rd Floor, 10, Yeonmujang 17-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (It’s located in the building of LCDC SEOUL)
???? Mon-Sun 12PM – 7PM

5. OBJECT Seogyo (오브젝트 서교점)“Feel the True Dedication to Korean Designers & Artists”

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hotos from the official website.

Object is one of the oldest stationery brands in Korea that successfully expanded its business with a wise apporoach of identifying the right local artists, designers and collaborating with them, and utilizing many pop-up stores with different brands. Object has been doing a range of interesting activities to encourage wise ways of selling and buying products, such as recycling, flea markets, and more. If you want to witness some fresh ideas from the local designers of Seoul, this is a place to go. From books to stationery, prints to fabrics, and living items to handmade accessories, you can do so here, the 4-story building near Hongik University station.

????13, Wausan-ro 35-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
???? Mon-Sun 12PM – 9PM

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