8 Recommended Korean Dishes for Vegetarians

  1. 사찰음식 Temple food: Korean temple food is originated in Buddhist temples of Korea. It’s made with all plant-based, healthy ingredients.
  2. 야채 비빔밥 Vegetable bibimbap: Vegetable bibimbap is an excellent choice as it contains numerous fresh vegetables, and red pepper paste adds flavor.
  3. 김치전 Kimchi pancake: Kimchi pancake is crispy on the outer part and soft on the inner part. It’s not as spicy as you think and makes you crave for a drink.
  4. 순두부 Soft tofu: Korea has some amazing tofu specialty restaurants that make different types of foods with soybeans. There, you can enjoy the original taste of tofu.
  5. 팥죽 Red bean porridge: Red bean porridge is a winter delicacy for Koreans. It warms up one’s body and soul. Chewy rice cake balls (and sometimes glutinous rice) are usually inside.
  6. 팥칼국수 Noodle soup with red beans: If you tried 팥죽 and liked it, you might also want to try 팥칼국수 (which is one of my favorite foods). Just like 팥죽, it’s cooked with red beans. It has a clean taste, not too sweet, not too salty. 
  7. 콩국수 Noodles in cold bean soup: 콩국수 is a summer delicacy! The soup made of beans is rather thick and cold! It tastes savory and a bit bland. 
  8. 야채 김밥 Vegetable gimbap: Usually, most gimbaps include meat ingredients, but vegetable gimbap is just as tasty! (If a restaurant doesn’t have vegetable gimbap, ask them to take out meat.)
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