A Job That All Korean Parents Want for Their Kids

Sorry for the exaggeration???? But it’s kind of true!
The survey done in 2017 showed that #1 job that Korean parents want for their children is a civil/public servant (24.8%).

A survey conducted by the companies Job Korea and Albamon in 2017.

Why though?

It’s because the working environment of a civil/public servant is one of the most stable jobs in Korea (at least that’s what the parents think because getting a job as a civil/public servant means you don’t have to worry about moving to another company for the rest of your life.) Rank 1 civil/public servant’s example would be ‘Seoul Metropolitan Police Commissioner General’ and Rank 9 civil public/servant job example would be ‘District Administrator’.

The data is from 2014 so the amount might have changed.

Welfare benefits include :

  • Guaranteed monthly pension depending on the ranks and the average term of office.
  • Benefit points that works as cash (for health purposes, self-development, and leisure activities) given out annually.
  • The annual salary increases according to the number of consecutive years of service, not by the performance.
  • And more!

People taking a class for a civil service examination.

Nowadays, getting a job doesn’t simply mean you are safe in your career life. Unemployment crisis continues to be one of the major issues in Korea and many people want “safe” and “stable” jobs. As the unemployment rate increases, more and more people want to become a civil/public servant. In other words, it’s getting REALLY COMPETITIVE.

How do you become a civil/public servant? You have to take a civil service examination. In 2021, 198,110 people applied for the Rank 9 civil/public servant exam that selects 5,662 people, which means the average acceptance rate was 35:1.

A lot of businesses related to the civil service exam preparation has grown tremendously big in Korea. Below are 2 of the biggest business areas related to the exam.

Advertisement of the classes for a civil/public service examination
at the private institute called Hackers.

Star Tutors

They are the ones who rank first in sales at their academy. They earn more than 100 million won (hundred thousand dollars) in a year. How so? Because they provide such a test-oriented private lessons, where they pinpointed the questions that will be on the exam. People wait outside the building early in the morning just to get a front row seat.

because “students” are the residents.

Exam Village near Noryangjin station

The exam village was formed early in the 1980s when many different (exam prep) academies gathered around the Noryangjin station in Seoul.

Mostly in their 20s and 30s, people moved into the village to focus on studying and soon a special village was created where everyone studies. (It takes on average 2.2 years to pass an exam.) Market prices are comparably cheap compared to other neighborhoods

???? Questions to Dear UoH Friends ????

What are the jobs that parents want their children to have in your country? We really want to know. Please share your comments below! ????

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