An Album You Must Listen If You Are Interested in Korean Music – 2

< 전람회 – Exhibition >

< Jeonlamhoe – Exhibition >

After receiving both the grand prize and the special prize for the song <In a Dream> at the MBC University Song Festival in 1993, Kim Dong-ryul and Seo Dong-wook formed a pop genre group called 전람회.


  • 김동률 (Kim Dong-ryul)
    vocal, piano, songwriting 
  • 서동욱 (Seo Dong-wook)
    – base, songwriting

The group released their first album <Exhibition> the next year in 1994. You’ll be fascinated by Kim Dong-ryul’s deep, touching voice and Seo Dong-wook’s dazzling base skills. They have been friends since high school.

1 “기억의 습작* (Etude of Memoirs)” 5:13

2 “여행 (Journey)” 4:24

3 “하늘높이 (Flying High)” 4:52

4 “향수 (Nostalgia)” 4:43

5 “너에 관한 나의 생각 (What I Really Think Of You)” 4:08

6 “삶 (Life)” 4:25

7 “소년의 나무 (The Boy and The Tree)” 3:20

8 “세상의 문앞에서 (A The Toor To The World)” 4:13

9 “그대가 너무 많은 (When You’ve Got Too Much)” 4:16

* Title song

The band released a total of three albums – 1) Exhibition, 2) Exhibition 2, and 3) Graduation – and disbanded in 1997.

The title song “기억의 습작 (Etude of Memories)” was inserted in the movie “건축학개론 (Architecture 101)” as a theme song.

It wasn’t anything like conflict. 

According to Kim Dong-ryul, “the biggest reason was that music was one of the many things that Seo Dong-wook could do well, but for me, music was everything.” 

After the break up, Seo Dong-wook turned to his career as a businessman and Kim Dong-ryul continued to work on music. They are still friends 🙂

기억의 습작 (Etude of Memories) Lyrics

이젠 버틸 수 없다고 휑한 웃음으로
You said ‘I can’t hold on anymore’ with an empty smile

내 어깨에 기대어 눈을 감았지만
You leaned on my shoulder and closed your eyes

이젠 말할 수 있는 걸
But, what I can tell you now

너의 슬픈 눈빛이 나의 마음을 아프게 하는 걸
Is that your sad eyes break my heart

나에게 말해봐
Please tell me

너의 마음 속으로 들어가 볼 수만 있다면
Only if I could go into your heart

철없던 나의 모습이 얼만큼 의미가 될 순 있는지
How meaningful my immature behavior can be

많은 날이 지나고
After many days have gone by and

나의 마음 지쳐갈 때
My heart has grown tired, 

내 마음속으로 쓰러져가는 너의 기억이 다시 찾아와 생각이 나겠지
Fading memories of you come and find me again inside my heart

너무 커버린 미래의 그 꿈들 속으로
Inside those dreams of the future that have grown too much

잊혀져 가는 너의 기억이 다시 생각날까
Will my fading memories of you become alive again? 

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