5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Countryside in Korea

The most famous place in Korea must be Seoul because it’s the capital of Korea and also because more than 50% of Korean population lives in or near Seoul. 

But, Korea is more than Seoul. If you have enough time during your trip to Korea, what about putting “Visit the countryside in Korea” in your bucket list?

Korea’s countryside gives a completely different vibe than the cities.

1. A ride at the train or express bus terminal

First and foremost, you’ll get to visit the train or express bus terminal and ride a train or bus! To me, visiting a train or express bus terminal is quite fun because terminals are full of different people coming from all over the country. And wouldn’t it be fun to experience riding Korea’s train or bus? It’s like a small journey in your trip. It’s also fun to look at the scenery outside the window. You can see buildings gradually changing into fields.

2. Roads and buildings with different vibes

In the countryside, numbers of households gather to form a neighborhood. There are ‘village halls’ where neighbors hang out regularly. It doesn’t have tall buildings. There are a lot of trees and grass. The roofs are very colorful. Many houses have vegetable gardens. Vinyl greenhouses are everywhere. Simply walking along the streets will make you feel comfortable.

3. Beautiful beaches

Korea is surrounded by three seas: West Sea, East Sea, and South Sea. The West Sea has a lot of mudflats, the East Sea has good waves for surfing, and the South Sea has a little bit of everything. If you decides to go to the outermost part of Korea, you’ll be able to see beautiful beaches. 

4. Delightful regional foods

Foods in the countryside are fresh and delicious. Each region has its famous regional foods. Villages near ports have amazing seafood, villages with cows have amazing Korean beef (hanwoo), and so on. So, if you’re going to the countryside, don’t forget to do your research on the foods!

5. A less crowded part of Korea

The countryside makes your ears comfortable. There’s no car-honking sound, no noise coming from the construction sites, no loud motorcycle, no drunk people singing late at night. You can hear roosters crowing at dawn, birds chirping, and leaves clashing against each other in the wind.

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