Do you wanna eat ramen in my place?

Have you ever felt a tingle of excitement right before you get into a romantic relationship? Starting love with someone is a very exciting and throbbing experience.

Koreans call it some, derived from the word something.

“Some (썸)” is a slang describing a period of time when you have a good feeling for someone but aren’t so sure dating yet. It’s a complicated and confusing period. There may be uncertain feelings between you and the other person. You might ask yourself, “does he/she really have feelings for me?” or “Is he/she just playing around with me?”

Here are example sentences with the word “some”

????‍♂️ Are you riding “some” with that guy/girl?

→ “Riding some” is such an interesting phrase. It’s describing a period of two potential lovers spending time together before dating as they are “riding” the period.

????‍♀️ Is he/she your “some” guy/girl?

Some 자 guy = 썸남 = a guy that you are riding some with.

Some 자 girl = 썸녀 = a girl that you are riding some with.

Then how long can the stage of “some” be? It depends on who you are. Some people take romantic relationship more seriously than others and some don’t. Depending on how careful you are, it may last for few days to few months. And there are those who don’t even like “riding some” but go straight to dating because they don’t want those confusing feelings.

The song “Some” by Junggigo and SoYou (ft. Lil Boi) well describes how two lovers feel during the period of “some.”

Do you remember in the previous article “Things to Know About Opposite-Sex Friendships in Korea” we talked about male human friend(남사친) and female human friend(여사친)? and that many Koreans believe there’s no such thing as opposite-sex friendship and at least one of them has a crush on the other?

Well, that’s actually a great time for “some” to start ????

The romance stage is usually like this :

???? A male/female friend ???? Riding some ✅ Green light ????‍❤️‍???? Lover

What is Green light?

A Korean TV show “Witch hunt” broadcasted in 2013-2015.

  • It’s when you and the other person have feelings for each other.
  • It’s when you feel connected with your future boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • It’s the stage right before you start dating.

This word originated from the Korean TV show called “Witch hunt”, a talk show that the hosts talk about romance, love, and romantic relationships.

The audience sends a story of their romance and the four main hosts have related discussions. The hosts press the “green light” if they think there’s something going on between the two (the audience and their crush).

They often say “Oh, that’s green light!”, “A green light is turned on.”

But be careful. Your crush might be a fisherman and you might be one of many fishes that your crush is fishing.

A guy fishing…

It might not be a green light. You might be on the hook.

Koreans say that a guy/girl is “managing their fish tank.” (어장관리 in Korean)

It’s a moment when you thought you are “riding some” with your crush, but your crush was actually just hitting on you.????

This song “Aqua Man” by Beenzino accurately explains how a guy feels when he’s inside his crush’s fish tank. ????

???? FUN FACT: One of the most famous flirting phrases in Korea is

“Do you wanna eat ramen in my place?”

It’s often used when people want to flirt with someone,
tempting him/her to come over to their place. (similar to “Netflix and Chill”) ????

Eun-soo: “Do you wanna eat ramen in my place?”
Sang-woo: “Yup”


Eun-soo takes a bite of ramen noodles.

The phrase came from a Korean movie <One Fine Spring Day> released in 2001. Sang-woo, a sound engineer, meets Eun-soo, a producer of a radio program at a local broadcasting station, on business. The love between the two sprouts. As Sang-woo drives Eun-soo home, Eun-soo asks Sang-woo if he wants to come over to her place and eat ramen together. They eat ramen, spend the night together, and become lovers. ????❤️‍????

People loved this symbolic phrase “Do you wanna eat ramen in my place?” and
the phrase quickly became a buzzword. It might sound a bit cliché nowadays since the movie came out 21 years ago, but it’s still iconic! ????

???? Discussion for Today’s Topic :

Do you like being in the stage of “some”? How do you usually get into a romantic relationship?

Feel free to share your opinion with us. ????

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