G-Dragon Announces The Launch Of Anti-drug Foundation

G-Dragon Has Announced That He Will Be Returning With A New Album Next Year, As Well As Setting Up A Foundation To Fight Drugs

In recent years, G-Dragon has been under investigation for alleged drug use, with police recently announcing him with “no charges.” On December 21, G-Dragon made the announcement in a handwritten letter through his new agency, Galaxy Corporation, saying (next slide) :

“I want to stand by the side of those who are victimized by the prejudice and injustice in the world and create a society where all people live with equal and fair respect. This crisis has opened my eyes to places I hadn’t seen before. I watched the news and learned that on average, 20,000 people are using drugs every year (in Korea), that there has been a frightening increase in youth drug use, and the heartbreaking fact that less than 500 of them are able to access treatment. I knew I had to act. I’m going to take an active role in combating and eradicating drugs for the sake of young people who are defenselessly exposed and those who are scared and unaware of the wrong path. I want to give a chance to many people who don’t have access to treatment. I want to be a part of a system that stands by someone’s side as a big brother,so that the injustice of what happens to the powerless and the weak is not repeated.”

He revealed that his first donation to the foundation will be in the name of VIP (Big Bang fandom).

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s New Management Company, Galaxy Corporation, Had More To Say About The Closure Of G-Dragon’s Drug Investigation

“Due to the wrong reports and malicious comments that have been spreading, it has left Kwon Ji-yong (G-Dragon’s Real Name) with scars that cannot be washed away. This is a crime against the dignity of an innocent person. However, based on Mr. Kwon’s will, we would like to give people the opportunity to make it right. From today until midnight on December 28, we’re giving people a week to make amends. We ask that people who made the wrong comments remove and correct all posts that defame Mr. Kwon, such as malicious comments and spreading falsehoods. After that, we will take strong action without prejudice in accordance with the zero-tolerance principle,” the management company said.

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