Have You Tried The Korean Snack, Choco Pie?

The Korean Snack, Choco Pie, Is Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary

Choco Pie is a snack made by Orion in 1974 that consists of a marshmallow sandwiched between two round biscuits and covered in chocolate. In 2022, Orion’s domestic and international sales from the Choco Pie brand alone reached KRW 560 billion.

Lotte has also released a Choco Pie. The texture is a little crispier.

History of Choco Pie

The Moon Pie, which was first introduced in the United States in 1917, is considered to be the originator of this type of snack. It was a kind of snack that poor laborers ate as a meal replacement during the Great Depression. In Korea, there also have been quite a few cases of people eating chocolate pie for a meal instead of rice in the past. Back in the 70s, Dongyang Confectionery (now Orion) researchers were touring developed countries under the auspices of the Korea Food Industry Association. They tasted Moon Pie served with milk at a cafe in the U.S. and were amazed. After two years of development after returning to Korea, they launched Choco Pie.

The Korean Military And Choco Pie

The place where Choco Pie is most cherished is in military boot camps. Memories of going to cathedrals, churches, and temples to eat Choco Pie are common among Korean men. There is a meme among soldiers that goes something like this: Have you ever had a tear-soaked Choco Pie?’

Why tears? The reason Choco Pie is associated with tears is because the military is a hungry place, a place where you have to be cut off from the outside world. That’s why sweets taste so good when you eat them!

Choco Pie Celebrates 50 Years And Drops The “Marshmallow” For The First Time

Orion has launched a new product named “Choco Pie House” with cream instead of marshmallows. The moist cake is filled with marbled cream, a mixture of jam and milk cream, for a smoother texture. There are two flavors: “Chocolate and Cream,” which has a rich chocolate flavor, and “Strawberry and Cream,” which has a refreshingly sweet strawberry jam.

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