How Koreans Get Ready for Winter

Winter in Korea is COLD. It’s windy and snowy. On cold days, the weather goes down below -20ºC. It’s a season to see beautiful snow falling down from the sky. When winter comes, Koreans get ready for the coldness.

1. Take out the electric heating pad

It’s that time of the year… to take out the electric heating pad from the storage! Place the electric heating pad under the bed sheet. With this electric pad, even on a very cold night, you can sleep warm no matter what. It’s perfect if you turn it on about 30 minutes before you lie in bed.

2. Carry cash to buy winter snacks

호떡 (Honey-filled pancake), 군고구마 (baked sweet potato), 붕어빵 (fish-shaped bun)… Winter snacks are the best. Although winter is not my favorite season, being able to eat winter snacks is one of the few reasons I wait for winter. They are usually sold on the street. Cards are not accepted. You can do an account transfer, but paying in cash is the fastest and easiest way to eat. 

3. Take out the long-padded jacket

It’s not a fashion. It’s a must-item to survive the cold, harsh winter. In winter, you’ll find almost everyone on the streets wearing black or white long-padded jackets.

4. Stock a house with tangerine and strawberries

Koreans’ two winter-favorite fruits are tangerine and strawberry. They are fresh, sweet, and delicious. I usually stock boxes of them at home. But it disappears very fast. ????

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