How To Be Polite When Drinking Soju

Today, we would like to share some manners that are good to know before drinking with the elders or seniors in Korea. (If you are drinking with friends, you don’t have to do all these things????)

Confucianism, a belief that focuses on the importance of personal ethics and morality, is deeply rooted in Korean culture. This belief has influenced Koreans’ drinking culture as well.

Soju is an alcoholic drink beloved by many Koreans. You can drink soju straight in a shot glass or mix with beer to make “So-Maek.”

According to Statistics Korea, approximately 3.6 billion bottles of Soju were sold in a year. (which means one person drank 87 bottles a year!) Through the numbers, we can infer that Koreans LOVE DRINKING.

1. When pouring a drink, use your dominant hand to hold a bottle. Put the other hand on the wrist (or the bottom of a bottle).
Basically, you are using both hands to be polite????????

2. When receiving a drink, take it with both hands.

3. Turn your head to the side and drink it while covering the glass with your other hand.
Also it’s better not to make a sound????

Two more tips related to drinking :

????A senior’s glass has to be positioned higher than a younger one’s.
A position of the glasses reflects the hierarchy of people.

????Don’t pour your own drink.
If you pour your own drink, people will freak out and take away the bottle to pour it for you. It’s because “giving and receiving” is a part of drinking culture in Korea.

Why are there so many manners related to drinking?

There’s a Korean saying, “You have to learn how to drink alcohol from adults.” Back in the days (like hundreds of years ago), our ancestors were taught not to be drunk and disgraceful by learning the etiquettes of drinking.

???? Questions to Dear UoH Friends ????
– What are some drinking manners in your country?

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