“I Am Always Curious About My Interest,” Says G-Dragon

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This article is translated from Vogue Korea’s interview with G-Dragon in June, 2022. This was a month after G-Dragon took a photograph of the Vogue magazine cover in Paris. We took some excerpts from the full interview and translated ourselves. Please read below.

Vogue Korea : “Virginie Viard, who presented the CHANEL 2023 Cruise Collection, said “being in Monaco itself is inspiration.” Is there any romance or beauty you felt while traveling to Monaco and on the way to Paris for <Vogue>?

GD : “It was my first time visiting Monaco. It was a short trip, but I agree with Virginie Viard. Throughout my stay, I thought it was a very clean and beautiful city. The hotel that I stayed in was on the hill, so I could see the clouds passing through the window when I lay on the bed. It felt like sleeping on a cloud? It was a very soft, bright, and warm feeling.

Vogue Korea : “Can you describe your environment now? For now, as you are answering our interviews. We’d like to know how the space looks like, air condition, temperature, whether you are listening to music or not.

GD : “I’m sitting on the sofa. The weather is warm today, the temperature is just right. It’s fun to recall the CHANEL collection and having this interview with <Vigue> is exciting that air feels sweet. I am not listening to music at the moment. This is partly because I just want to focus on the interview, and also because, as I do not speak very loudly, you may not be able to hear me well with the music on.

Vogue Korea : “What does the studio mean to you?

GD : “If you compare it to a home, the studio is another room for me, just like the bedroom. My studio is my playroom, which is the most natural for me to play, where I can focus on something and freely express my thoughts without any restrictions or limits.”

Vogue Korea : “When thinking of an artist’s studio, I imagine the mystery of creating a new work, but at the same time, I also remind myself of Haruki Murakami saying ‘an artist is an infinitely personal and physical profession.” How can you take care of your physical health?

GD : “I made my own daily routine. It’s not been long. Physical fitness / health is very important to do everything well, so I started exercising too. Setting some time – such as time to eat, time to eat, time to run.

Vogue Korea : “What are some characteristics of music that you find fresh and fun these days?”

GD : “It’s very enjoyable to see and listen to the various artwork by different artists all over the world. It’s a bit hard to pinpoint the characteristics, but everything is fun these days. And newly created languages and popular memes are interesting to me, as well.”

Vogue Korea : “G-Dragon is an artist that everyone is curious about his interests. Is there any book, movie or artwork that has caught your attention recently?”

GD : “I read books a lot and watch two movies a day. I love to read, and love getting new inspirations. Actually, I am interested in my interests, all the time. I am a curious person, and there are so many things I am curious about and things that interest me. As time goes by, my interest and thoughts on art expand.”

Vogue Korea : “What values are most important to you right now?

GD : “Something that does not dilute the original value. And creating new values through current values. I do not want to separate the two. All values in life are important. I also think a lot about pure values. I believe everything is precious, such as creating one’s own unique value that cannot be replaced with anything else because one has full devotions to it.”

“L’art est long et le temps est court (Life is Short and Art is Long, 인생은 짧고 예술은 길다)
Quel dommage (What a pity, 매우 유감스럽지만)”

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