In the “Best Dips in the World,” Korean Ssamjang ranked 19th

The gourmet specialist publication ‘Taste Atlas’ has unveiled the ranking of ‘The World’s Best Dipping Sauces’. Korea’s sauce, ‘Ssamjang’, secured the 19th position. Ssamjang received a taste rating of 4.3 out of 5. It is one of Korea’s most common sauces, traditionally made with a blend of gochujang (red chili paste) and doenjang (fermented soybean paste). The sauce also includes elements like sesame oil, green onions, sesame seeds, garlic, and black sugar. It is typically enjoyed with Korean barbecue dishes.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s garlic sauce ‘Toum’ clinched the top spot, with Peru’s ‘Aji criollo’ and Serbia’s ‘Leskovački domaći ajvar’ also ranking highly.

Lebanese Garlic Sauce (Toum)
Peru’s Aji criollo (Aji amarillo peppers sauce) (Photo by laylita)

What Is Ssamjang(쌈장)?

Ssamjang(쌈장) is a Korean sauce made by mixing doenjang (fermented soybean paste) and gochujang (red chili paste). As the name suggests, it is a processed doenjang used to enhance the flavor when eating a ssam (wrapping food in lettuce or eating meat.) While the base is doenjang, its texture is similar to gochujang. It features a combination of the savory taste of doenjang and the spicy-sweet taste of gochujang. The strong smell of doenjang and the intense spiciness of gochujang are balanced, making it a popular sauce among consumers.

How to make Ssamjang(쌈장) in a simple way?

1. Mix 1.5-2 tablespoons of doenjang (fermented soybean paste) and 1 tablespoon of gochujang (red chili paste). If gochujang is not available, you can use red pepper flakes.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, 1 tablespoon of starch syrup, a little sesame oil, and a little sesame seeds. Mix well.
3. Enjoy!

* You can also create a high-quality ssamjang by adding ingredients like onions, carrots, and green onions. Additionally, experimenting with ingredients from your country could yield delicious results!

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