Is Slurping Noodles Okay or Not Okay in Korea?

Yesterday, we talked about 5 etiquettes that are good to know before visiting Korea.
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We found some interesting comments about “slurping noodles” in Korea that we thought would be a nice topic to talk about.

First of all, let’s see how the ancestors ate food hundreds of years ago.

Here is an excerpt from the Korean Dining Culture Dictionary, included in the Encyclopedia of Korean Folk Culture.

“…Keep food or saliva from sticking out of your mouth. Eat without the sound of chewing and the sound of the bowl bumping into each other.”

Traditionally speaking, our ancestors were taught to not make any noise when eating or drinking.

Chewing with your mouth open is a big no in Korea, just like other countries in the world.

But people are more lenient with slurping noodles.

When you eat boiling hot noodles with chopsticks, you can’t help but make slurping sound. People understand if the sound is not too loud to interrupt their meal.

“Slurping noodles” became a thing in Korea few years ago.

The “slurping noodles” sound began to be popular few years ago as many celebrities “slurped” noodles in the TV shows and commercials.

Some believe “slurping noodles” makes the food more tasty.

Some people think taking a big mouthful and not cutting the noodles makes people savor the food better.

So, is it okay or not okay to slurp noodles in Korea?

Yes, it’s okay! 

Koreans are comparably more generous with slurping noodles than chewing food loudly.

You’ll often hear people slurping noodles in Korea. But, just letting you know, there are also Koreans who don’t like this slurping sound.

It’s best to slurp noodles to a degree that won’t spatter on your clothes (for your own sake ????).

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