June 19, 2024 Weather Forecast in South Korea : Daytime High Reaches up to 36 Degrees Celsius

Today was a scorching day, to the point where sweat would quickly pour if you were outside. With a heatwave advisory in effect for the Seoul metropolitan area, western Gangwon Province, inland areas of Chungcheong, and southern regions, temperatures tomorrow are expected to rise even higher than today, with Seoul reaching 35 degrees Celsius and Daegu 36 degrees Celsius.

As a stationary front moves northward, Jeju Island is forecasted to experience its first heavy rain overnight from tomorrow. Except for Jeju, most other regions will generally remain clear, with dense fog expected along the central western coast from early morning to dawn tomorrow.

During tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in central regions are expected to rise to 35 degrees Celsius in Cheongju and Daejeon, and 34 degrees Celsius in Chuncheon. Southern regions are forecasted to reach 35 degrees Celsius in Gwangju and Andong, and 34 degrees Celsius in Changwon and Jinju. Heavy rain is expected to continue on Jeju Island for the time being, with rain also forecasted on Thursday, the day after tomorrow, not only on Jeju Island but also in southern regions.

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