Korean Motels : Are You Looking for Cheaper Accommodation Options in Korea?

Walking along the alleys in Korea, you might stumble upon “Motel Village” where tons of MOTEL signs are hanging on different buildings.

So… what exactly does a motel mean?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a motel is “a hotel for people traveling by car, usually with spaces for cars next to each room.” In the States, it’s common to see motels near a highway. Rooms are accessible from outdoors and there is plenty of parking. In fact, the word “motel” came from “motor + hotel”.

Korea’s motels can be quite different. ???? 

Many Koreans think of motels as a decent accommodation where it’s cheaper than hotels and clean enough to spend overnight.

Smart TV with Netflix and other OTT services

You can easily order delivery foods

Simple, clean rooms

Characteristics of Motels in Korea

1. It’s mainly located in alleys a few blocks away from the downtown area or in areas where many tourists visit.

There are motels in far away places too. It’s just that Korea has a lot of motels everywhere.

2. The main customers of motels in Korea are couples, friends, and travelers. 

Usually, couples book a room to have their own time outside the house, friends to have a party, and travelers to sleep during the trip. In recent years, motels have become more and more diverse to grab different customers. There are many different themed rooms, such as PC room themed rooms, event rooms, and rooms with a pool or spa bath.

3. You can either rent a room for a certain time or stay overnight. 

This is the app called “야놀자 (Yanolja)”, one of the most famous platforms that provides online accommodation and travel services. It’s good for looking at the price of accommodation these days. It says, “Renting for 6 hours 30,000won ~”, “Overnight 70,000won ~”

The average cost for renting is 20,000 ~ 30,000won and for overnight is 50,000 ~ 10,000won. The cost for rooms equipped with additional facilities, such as party rooms and suite rooms, can go up more.

4. It emphasizes the importance of personal privacy.

– Many motels have a self check-in and check-out system. You can check-in through the kiosk and simply leave the room keys in the basket in the elevator when checking out.

– Many motels’ parking lots are covered with curtains. Even if they don’t, parking lots are somewhat hidden from the main street. And some rooms have private parking. 

How can travelers from abroad book a room in motels?

Online platforms, such as airbnb and booking.com, are most widely used for travelers visiting Korea to book motels. Unfortunately, Korean online platforms don’t provide English or other language services yet.

Consider staying at motels while traveling in Korea if you are a budget-traveller!

If you want to book a motel in Korea, email [email protected] for motel recommendations and quotations. We will book a motel of your preference for you!

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