May 2024 : Top 9 Exhibitions to Visit in Seoul

Here are 9 exhibitions in Seoul happening in May that I recommend. If you’re in Seoul, be sure to check them out!Β 

1. David Hockney : Bigger & Closer

πŸ“ Lightroom Seoul
πŸ“… Nov 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024

A successful media art exhibition, ongoing since its debut in London. It comprises six main themes, accompanied by a 55-minute narration of David Hockney’s artwork descriptions.

2. Cartier, Crystallization of Time

πŸ“ DDP Art Hall 1, Conference Hall
πŸ“… Mar 1 – June 30, 2024

An exhibition offering a transcendent experience of Cartier-style splendor. It showcases the evolution of Cartier’s style and creativity since the 1960s, delivering a sense of wonder beyond time.

3. Federica Del Proposto : Extraordinary Journey

πŸ“ Museum 209
πŸ“… Mar 10 – Oct 27, 2024

4. The Light of Genius : The Shadow of a Clown

πŸ“Hangaram Arts Center Museum
πŸ“… Apr 26 – Sept 10, 2024

This is the second large-scale retrospective of Bernard Buffet in South Korea, featuring over 100 pieces of art, including large-scale oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints measuring up to 4 meters, presented thematically.

5. Edvard Munch : Beyond The Scream

πŸ“Seoul Arts Center
πŸ“… May 22 – Sept 19, 2024

Beyond the iconic ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch, this exhibition reflects on the artist’s life, exploring his expressionistic tendencies and radical experimentation in painting.

6. Foreversim : Endless Horizons

πŸ“Ilmin Museum of Art
πŸ“… April 12 – June 23, 2024

An experimental exhibition interpreting ‘Foreverism,’ the phenomenon of past culture manifesting in the present, by 12 local artists.

7. Norman Foster Exhibitions

πŸ“Seoul Museum of Art
πŸ“… Apr 25 – July 21, 2024

A solo exhibition featuring Norman Foster is set to take place at the main branch of the Seoul Museum of Art. Renowned for winning the ‘Pritzker Prize,’ he has designed architectural marvels such as the Apple UFO-shaped headquarters and the HSBC Building in Hong Kong. This exhibition aims to reevaluate his cultural facilities and public architecture designs.

8. Queen of Tears : Hidden Picture Search

πŸ“Pyo Gallery
πŸ“… Apr 29 – May 31, 2024

A special exhibition spotlighting artworks featured

in the popular TVN weekend drama “Queen of Tears,” which has garnered immense public love in the first half of 2024, is set to take place.

9. Studio Ghibli – Isao Takahata Exhibition

πŸ“ Sejong Center for the Performing Arts
πŸ“… Apr 26 – Aug 3, 2024

The exhibition showcases the production process of all the works directed by Isao Takahata, the animation maestro of Studio Ghibli, from his debut to his masterpieces.

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