Recreate The Scene of A Joseon Dynasty King Visiting His Parents’ Graves

Details About the Event

· What : Recreate King Jeongjo of Joseon’s visit to his parents’ graves in 1795
· When : October 8-9, 2023
· Distance : 43.3 Kilometers
· Route : Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Gyeonggi Yunggeolleung, Hwaseong
· The city of Seoul will recreate the procession in sections, with a total of 200 people leading 20 horses.
· Suwon and Hwaseong will recreate the sections between Anyang and Uiwang Suwon and Hwaseong with more than 3,700 people and 243 horses.

Who Is the Jeongjo of Joseon (Personal name Yi San)?

He was the 22nd of 27 kings of the Joseon Dynasty. A king with many accomplishments. Many Koreans think that if Jeongjo had stayed on the throne a little longer, Korea would not have been invaded by Japan.

He consecrated Hwaseong, which is said to be even larger than Gyeongbokgung Palace.


Jeongjo came to the throne through a series of twists and turns. A father killed by his grandfather, endless opposition, intrigue, and hardship. Through these difficulties, he cleaned up the chaos of his early reign and demonstrated his abilities as an absolute monarch.

3 Korean Dramas and Movies Based on the Life of King Jeongjo

1. The Red Sleeve (옷소매 붉은 끝동)

2. The Fatal Encounter (역린)

3. Lee San, Wind of the Palace (이산)

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