Seoul City Reveals ‘Great Han River Project’

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What is the ‘Great Han River’ all about?

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has unveiled a project that will change the Han River. This is so-called the ‘Great Han River Project’ under the ‘Han River Renaissance 2.0.’ According to Seoul city, the city hopes to transform the Han River with various aspects, and mainly to transform the city into a creative urban landscape by minimizing government regulations.

1. The Han River Coexisting With Nature

✅ Reorganize the ecological parks and expand the ecosystem and landscape conservation areas.
✅ Transform all of the artificial revetments made from concrete to natural ones.
✅ Continue the project to protect the endangered wildlife animals such as otters.
✅ Introduce the ‘camp sites’ that are surrounded by nature.
✅ Transform the old swimming pools to natural water park, starting from the Jamsil swimming pool from 2023.

2. Easy to Move Around the Han River

✅ Expand the access facilities on the Han River, such as ‘Green Road’ that will be made for the walk between the park and the Han River.
✅ Create a ‘Water Trail’ that will enable to take a walk along the Han River.
✅ Diversify the transportation systems including the ground, water, and air, such as Urban Air Mobility (UAM) or gondola cable cars.
✅ Expand autonomous shuttle buses around Han River.

3. More Charms in the City

✅ Create more viewing spots (including the ‘sunset viewing spots’) throughout the Han River.
✅ Create more cultural and art spaces (including the ‘performing arts’ and ‘art exhibitions’).
✅ Hold various festivals and events including already existing events such as Han River Fireworks.
✅ Expand more sports·leisure programs·classes.

4. More Vibrant Han River

✅Transform Jamsil Stadium as the global MICE hub for K-contents and new industry exhibitions.
✅ Create a rhythmic urban landscape through urban planning support.

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