SEOUL DAL Will Rise Above the Skies of Yeouido, South Korea Starting in July

Starting in July 2024, a giant tethered gas balloon shaped like the moon, named ‘SEOUL DAL (Moon of Seoul),’ will rise above the skies of Yeouido, Seoul. SEOUL DAL will hold its opening ceremony at Yeouido Park on July 6th at 7 PM. Following a trial operation from July 6th to August 22nd, it will officially open for paid rides on August 23rd. It is expected to become a new landmark in Seoul, attracting both tourists and Seoul citizens.

SEOUL DAL is a gas balloon that ascends vertically using the buoyancy of helium gas. It has a diameter of approximately 22 meters and features a donut-like shape with a hollow center. Unlike hot air balloons, it uses non-flammable helium gas, offering excellent safety with no fire risk. Additionally, the balloon is tethered to the ground with cables, reducing the risk of drifting outside the designated flight area even in windy conditions. For added peace of mind, it is in the process of obtaining a safety certification from the Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology in accordance with the Aviation Safety Act.

SEOUL DAL‘s ascent speed is 0.7 meters per second, slower than the typical apartment elevator speed of 2 meters per second. This speed is set to prevent motion sickness or dizziness among passengers. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes to reach the target altitude of 130 meters. Meanwhile, similar tethered gas balloons are operated in various locations around the world, such as Disneyland Paris, Disney World in Orlando, USA, and Szechenyi Park in Budapest, Hungary.

More Info

  • Each ride can accommodate up to 30 passengers.
  • It operates from Tuesday to Sunday, 12 PM to 10 PM, excluding Mondays for regular maintenance.
  • Ticket prices are 25,000 KRW for adults (ages 19-64) and 20,000 KRW for children (ages 3-18) and seniors.

Photo courtesy of Yonhap

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