Shin Ramyun The Red, A Limited Edition, Is Now Officially Available

‘Shin Ramyun The Red’ Will Be Officially Launched On November 20th

Nongshim announced that ‘Shin Ramyun The Red’, which was launched as a limited edition product on August 14th, will be officially launched on November 20th as it is greatly loved by consumers. You can now buy these on our store, as well!

Nongshim Shin Ramyun The Red Has Achieved The Best Results Of Any New Instant Noodle Product Launched This Year In Korea

Shin Ramyun The Red sold more than 15 million packets within 80 days of its launch. The product has been so popular since its launch that there have been many repurchases.

Nongshim Shin Ramyun The Red is a spicier, thicker broth that has been developed in response to consumers’ increasingly high standards for spiciness. Shin Ramyun The Red has a Scoville scale of 7500 SHU, which is about twice as spicy as the existing Shin Ramyun. With an increased amount of chili peppers to increase the intensity of the spiciness and added ingredients that flavor the rich broth, such as beef and shiitake mushrooms, the ramyun was enhanced with the flavor of the deep, rich broth.

‘Delicious Spicy’ Was Selected After Numerous Taste Tests

In order to enhance the spiciness of Shin Ramyun while maintaining the concept of “delicious spiciness,” which is the original identity of Shin Ramyun, Nongshim set a range from 6000 SHU up to 10000 SHU during the development process and conducted consumer research in stages. After several taste evaluations, Nongshim came to the conclusion that the Scoville scale of 7500 SHU was the best match for Shin Ramyun’s unique flavor without being overly spicy.

Starting in mid-December, the container version will also be available, Nongshim said.

You can now buy these on our store, as well!

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