The 6 Most Famous Mountains in Each Province of Korea

The Geography of Korea

  • Mountains take up 70% of Korea.
  • There are more than 3,000 islands in Korea, including Jeju-do, Ulleung-do, and Dok-do.
  • Although Korea’s has a total of 17 administrative districts, it all comes down to 6 provinces.
  1. Gyeonggi-do
  2. Gangwon-do
  3. Chungcheong-do
  4. Jeolla-do
  5. Gyeongsang-do
  6. Jeju-do

Today, we will share the 6 most famous mountains in each province of Korea.
These 6 mountains are all designated as national parks as well.

1. 북한산 (Bukhansan)

  • The highest and the most famous mountain in Seoul.
  • It’s listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most visited mountain per unit area.
  • It’s not an easy mountain just because there are many people.

2. 설악산 (Seoraksan)

  • It’s a stone mountain.
  • It has one of the highest difficulty levels of hiking.
  • It belonged to North Korea before the Korean War, but it was reclaimed by South Korea as the 38th parallel line was drawn.

3. 속리산 (Sokrisan)

  • During the Silla period (57 BCE), it was a place where national rituals were held.
  • Various shapes of rocks decorate the mountain beautifully.
  • It’s not a difficult mountain to climb compared to other mountains.

4. 지리산 (Jirisan)

  • It was designated as Korea’s first national park in 1967.
  • It has been called the spiritual mountain of the nation.
  • Over 1600 species of plants inhabit and more than 74 Asian black bears live in the mountain.

5. 덕유산 (Deogyusan)

  • People can go up by taking a gondola ride from Muju Resort.
  • The mountain is famous for its beautiful snowflake scenery.
  • It’s also well known for walking the mountain along the ridge.

6. 한라산 (Hallasan)

  • It’s the highest mountain in South Korea.
  • It’s an active volcano that has a magma chamber underground.
  • There’s a lake called Baeknokdam in the summit crater. It means ‘a pond where a white deer drinks water.’

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