The 6 Things You Must Try in Jjimjilbang (Korean Sauna)


a.k.a Korean sauna or spa

– 찜질 = steam
– 방 = room

찜질방 is a place where everyone can relax and enjoy time alone or with friends and family. But, you might get a bit confused if it’s your first time.

Here, we are introducing the 5 things you can try in a Korean sauna 🙂

The entrance fee is 8,000 – 20,000 won.
Extra fees can be charged for activities you do inside.

1. Feel the heat

  • You can try various dry sauna rooms with different temperatures and themes.
  • Temperatures are usually between 40 and over 100℃.
  • Themes include salt, charcoal, jade, red clay, and more.
  • Although science says sweating doesn’t really help with excreting waste, at least it feels good! ????
  • But don’t stay inside the sauna too long. Those who are not used to the heat might feel dizzy afterwards. There’s also an ice room to cool you off!

2. Try all sorts of snacks and drinks

  • Probably the main reason for going to 찜질방 😉
  • You can buy snacks, drinks, and meals. Sweet rice drink, coffee, plum juice, ramen, chocolate, dried squid, kimchi stew, bean paste stew, and more!

3. Put on a “Lamb Head Towel”

  • This style called 양머리 (yang-meo-ri) became popular after the drama “My Lovely Sam-Soon” aired in 2005.
  • People still put on this towel till these days!
  • It looks like the horns of a lamb! ????

4. Chill and relax

  • You don’t have to constantly go into the steam rooms. There’s a huge main hall where you can lie down and relax. People watch TV, eat snacks, take a nap, or talk with friends.
  • There are different stores, such as a hair salon, nail salon, and massage shops, located inside the sauna.
  • If you want to get a quick massage, I recommend you to try a body massager!

♨️ ADVANCED) 5. Get a scrub service by a specialist

  • After enjoying time in the steam rooms, you need to wash off all the sweat in a public bath.
  • If you want to try something really new, you can get a scrub service from a licensed scrub specialist!
  • You can simply tell him/her that you want to get a service, then he/she will call you later when it’s your turn. Till then, you can wait in a hot bath.
  • The price usually starts from 15,000 won and it’s cash only.
  • Be careful because it can hurt if it’s your first time. If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend you to try this one!

♨️ ADVANCED) 6. Push that button

  • There’s a secret waterfall in a cold bath. You have to push a button nearby to turn on this thing. Some sauna masters massage their heads under the waterfall.
  • Be careful. It freezing cold and has a strong water pressure!

???? Questions for UoH Friends :

What would you like to try the most on the list?

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