The Best Park Located in Yongsan, Seoul : Yongsan Family Park

Yongsan Family Park, also known as Yongsan Park, is a park established in 1992 in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. It is situated near the National Museum of Korea and the National Hangeul Museum. This site has a long history, serving as a Japanese military logistics base during the Japanese Invasion of Korea (1592-1598) and a Qing Dynasty’s military encampment during the Imo Incident (1882). During the Japanese colonial period until Korea’s liberation, it was used by the Japanese military. After the Korean War, it became the Yongsan Garrison for the United States Forces Korea, hosting the United Nations Command (UNC), the Combined Forces Command (CFC), and the United States Forces Korea (USFK) headquarters. In 1992, the site was acquired by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and transformed into a park.

The park features open grassy fields, small ponds, and walking trails. Covering an area of approximately 27,000 pyeong (about 89,000 square meters), Yongsan Park includes a lawn plaza, ponds, and more. Ducks and geese roam the park, and over 15,000 trees of 80 different species, including zelkova, hawthorn, and fir, have been planted to create a natural learning environment. Within the park, there are amenities such as a barefoot park, ponds, walking trails, and plazas, with outdoor sculptures on display. It’s a must-visit destination! 

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