The Most Unique Yet Universal Way to Make Memories in Korea These Days

The Popularity Of Self-Studios For Creating Your Own “life shots” Remains Strong

If you come to Korea, especially Seoul,you’ll find a lot of selfie studio stores like Life4Cuts(인생네컷), Photoism (포토이즘), Harufilm(하루필름), Monomansion(모노맨션), The Film(더필름), BRoom Studio (비룸스튜디오), and more. People visit these places alone, with friends, family, and lovers, to capture memories from time to time.

What Are The Most Common Photos You Take?

You usually get two photos with four to nine frames, usually for a price between 4,000 Korean won and 10,000 Korean won. You can choose the number and shape of the frames and the number of photos before you take them. QR codes can be used to save digital photos in addition to the paper ones and videos taken during the photo shoot. Collaborations with K-Pop idols and other brands are also increasing, so it’s fun to authenticate the four-cut concept frames with celebrities.

The History Of Unmanned Photo Booths

Taking photos in an unmanned studio is a must for the MZ generation in Korea these days. The popularity of sticker photos, which lasted until around 2010, has waned, and since 2017, they have been reborn in the form of small studios with different concepts. Called “self-studios,” these unmmaed photo studios, which have now become a steady trend, are actively expanding beyond Korea. Currently, there are about 50 brands in Korea and more than 1,000 stores nationwide. These instant photos are symbolically called “Life Four Cuts (인생네컷),” one of the biggest photo studio brands.

Some Of The Most Popular Brands

1. Photoisum (포토이즘)

Photoisum (포토이즘) is known for its clean, retro film photography feel. They also offer 6-shot frames, but usually offer 4 shots.

2. Life4Cuts(인생네컷)

Life4Cuts(인생네컷) is considered the originator of the unmanned photo booth. Although it is a brand name, it is also used as a synonym for “unmanned photo studio”. You can create frames and collaborate with characters.

3. Harufilm(하루필름)

Harufilm(하루필름) is popular for its beautiful retouching. They also have a photo booth for ID photos.

4. Photomatic (포토매틱)

Photomatic (포토매틱) is known for their studio method of sitting on a box and pressing the shutter. They also offer vintage mood photos, and the quality and price range vary. This is a great option if you’re looking for something a little more formal.

You’ll Find Stuff Like This…

  • Coin Exchanger
  • Card machines
  • Props (glasses, wigs, hats, etc.)
  • Photo envelopes
  • Hair Curling Irons
  • Mirrors

When Do You Use It?

  • Before you part ways with your friends.
  • When global friends come to visit Korea.
  • Meeting up with friends after a long time.
  • When you’ve been drinking and you’re in a good mood!

Why Are These Self-Studios So Popular With MZs? Some Reasons May Be ….

1. They are familiar with unmanned stores. These self-photo studios are convenient because they are unmanned, and you can receive photo files using QR codes.

2. They enjoy expressing themselves through photography, such as posting photos of themselves on Instagram. Photography can be a way to express one’s identity.

3. Props are fun. With a variety of headbands, hats, and more, you’ll be able to capture memories with a fun concept every time.

4. For a relatively low price, there are fully equipped photo booths where you can take your own photos using a remote control. This allows you to take more natural photos.

5. Digital files are available, but you can also get paper files to keep!

In Recent Years, It Has Been Developed In More Diverse Ways

In recent years, it has been developed in more diverse ways. Recently, it has been used for various purposes, such as wedding photo booths for guests and maternity photo booths. It is said that the demand is increasing because travelers also come to Korea and like to travel like locals. Some people enjoy using K-pop star frames to take pictures.

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