The No.1 Reason Koreans Are Sad in Lunar New Year 2022

Seollal 설날 is a Korean word indicating Lunar New Year. Families and relatives gather around to celebrate the holiday. It’s one of the biggest holiday in Korea and everyone is excited to see their families.

It must be fun to see a lot of faces that you haven’t seen for a while, right? For some people, not really????. Families are going to ask you sharp questions that you don’t really want to answer. Questions vary depending on your age. If you are a teenager, university (like entrance exam, universities that you’re planning to apply) is going to be the biggest topic. If you are in the 20~50s, topics are endless (romantic relationship, work, money stuff, etc.).

A trait of “being nosy” can describe why some Koreans ask these types of uncomfortable, personal questions. Some Koreans show too much curiosity about other people’s business out of interests and concerns. (We’ll dig deeper about why some Koreans become nosy in other post????)

“My ears are going to bleed”

Reason Why This Seollal Is ‘Not So Great’ (for some people)

  1. Work-related questions ????????“Are you earning a lot? When are you getting promoted?”
    As getting a job is becoming tougher every year, people’s attention is drawn into your employment status. They are curious whether you got that job or not.
  2. Marriage, relationship-related questions ????“When are you gonna get married? You are seeing someone, right?”
    ’Marriage’ is one of the biggest topics in Korea. People in older generations thought they “have to” get married and their perception results in asking marriage-related questions to younger generations.
  3. Holiday spending ????“Here is New Year’s cash gift…”
    In Seollal, you might have to spend a lot of money. It’s common to give cash as a gift to your parents, children, and close relatives.
  4. Pets ????????“I have to take care of Coco, my puppy.”
    Korea’s birth rate is one of the lowest in the world. On the contrary, more and more people are raising pets. Koreans are encouraged to say “companion animal” rather than “pet” as they perceive pets as a family.
  5. Working on holidays ????‍????“I have to work on a holiday.”
    Some Koreans can’t even go to see their families because they have to work. The reason might be because they don’t want to lose their hard-earned job.
  6. Diet ????High-calorie holiday food
    You don’t want to forget foods! Rice-cake soup, Korean pancakes, braised short ribs, and other Seollal foods are all high in calories so many people worry that they would gain weight after Seollal.

Within two years, Work-related questions has taken up the first place, pushing Marriage, relationship-related questions aside to the second place.

Factors like the Covid-19 pandemic and increasing average age of people getting married could be the reason why Marriage, relationship-related questions had to step down from the no.1 position. It could be a sign that people’s perception towards marriage is changing!

Btw, all UoH admins love Seollal????❤️ So excited to see families and eat holiday foods!

????Today’s Question for UoH friends????

  • Do your families and relatives ask you sharp questions?
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