The Top 8 Job Sites in Korea You Should Know

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Are You Looking For A Job in Korea?

Any foreigner moving to Korea, whether for business, education, or personal reasons, is likely looking for a full-time position or at the very least a part-time one.

These are the job search sites that not only Koreans but also foreigners should know about.

Attending a Job Fair is a Great Option

You can also attend the Global Talent Fair held by KOTRA every fall! This year’s is already over, but I hope to attend next year.

Here’s an overview of the program: LINK

The Top 8 Job Sites in Korea You Should Know

1. Saramin (사람인)

It’s a Korean-only site, but most Koreans use it to look for jobs, and it’s useful because you can find some jobs that look for foreigners and foreign language speakers. It is especially recommended for those who speak some Korean. Otherwise, use the translation feature!

2. Worknet (워크넷)

It is run by the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Korea Employment Information Service. It is an online resource for employment information that also offers career-related information in addition to information on jobs. Here, you may submit an application directly to the companies you want to work with.

3. Job Korea (잡코리아)

JobKorea is the oldest job board in Korea, and arguably the best in terms of recognition. It’s one of the two most popular job search sites in Korea, along with Saramin. I feel like JobKorea has a bit more job postings for foreigners compared to Saramin.

4. LinkedIn (링크드인)

This is the primary location where all the major international corporations wanting to fill positions in their Korean subsidiaries may be found. Companies often post job openings on LinedIn, so make sure to have your own account!

5. Wanted (원티드)

This recruitment platform is relatively new compared to other sites. The platform is characterized by a feature called recommendation, which allows you to attach recommendations or testimonials when applying. Compared to other recruitment services in Korea, it has a clean interface. It’s all in Korean, but it has a lot of quality jobs, including startups and tech companies.

6. PeopleNJob (피플앤잡)

It is regarded as the top employment website for English-speaking expats looking for work in South Korea. Although it may seem daunting at first, you’ll be glad to learn that there are plenty of positions offered there in English as well.

7. Seoul Foreigner Portal (서울외국인포털)

This is a website from the Seoul Metropolitan Government that provides job listings for foreign residents in need of work. Much of the information is in English, and even if it’s in Korean, it’s still aimed at hiring foreigners, so be sure to translate it!

8. Craiglist (크레이그리스트)

Craigslist isn’t really used by Koreans, but since most of the job postings are in English, you might get lucky and find what you’re looking for. There are some sketchy and scammy listings out there, so be careful!

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