Things to Know About Opposite-Sex Friendships in Korea

wo groups exist in Korea.

  1. ???? Those who believe girls and guys can be friends.
  2. ???? Those who believe girls and guys cannot be friends.

In Korea, there has been a hot debate on whether girls and guys can be friends or not, and what things you can do and cannot do with your male/female friend if you have a lover. For example, would you let your lover go to the movies with his female (her male) friend? ????

This is how Koreans call their male/female friends.

????‍♂️ Male human friend = A male friend

자 male 람 human 구 friend = 남사친 (pronounced nam-sa-chin) = A male friend

????‍♀️ Female human friend = A female friend

자 female 람 human 구 friend = 여사친 (pronounced yeo-sa-chin) = A female friend

Those who believe there’s male/female friendship don’t really care about what their lover do with other friends.

But those who believe there’s no such thing as male/female friendship usually cut out their own relationship with opposite-sex friends and also want their lover to have minimum relationship with their opposite-sex friends.

They believe in this interesting theory :

There’s no such thing as opposite-sex friendship. At least one of them has a crush on the other.

And if both of them have a crush on each other, their “love” is usually blindfolded with a concept of “friendship” and their relationship will quickly get romantic as soon as one of them takes courage to express his/her feelings.

How Intimate Can You Get With Opposite-Sex Friends?

It really depends on whether a person has a lover or not.

If you’re single, there’s no need to worry about how intimate you can get with your opposite-sex friends. But if you’re taken, your partner might worry or pay attention to your opposite-sex friendships. (Or you might care about your partners’ friendships.????)

There was a poll about “To what extent are you okay with your lover to be intimate with opposite-sex friends?”

  1. Opposite-sex friends can’t do anything together 29.6%
  2. Eating together 23.7%
  3. Going on a trip with other friends 10.2%
  4. Going to a cafe together 9.5%
  5. Having a drink together 9.4%
  6. Going to the movies together 6.1%
  7. Going on a trip together 4.4%

(reference: Quicksurvey)

This explains that some don’t even like opposite-sex friends simply being “friends.” Things like hugging, crossing arms, holding hands, texting everyday with your opposite-sex friends might cause trouble in your romantic relationship.

But of course, there are many good opposite-sex friendships too!

???? Discussion for Today’s Topic :

Do you think men and women can be friends?

Feel free to share your opinion with us. ????

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