Top 3 Korean High-End Fashion Brands Located in Dosan Park, South Korea

When you visit Dosan Park in Seoul, you’ll find a plethora of globally renowned fashion brands. The area is home to flagship stores of major Korean fashion brands such as JUUN.J, WOOYOUNGMI, and SONGZIO, as well as streetwear brands like Supreme, Stussy, NOAH, and Palace.

The opening of flagship stores by these fashion brands signifies more than just adding another store. Through their flagship stores, brands design their identity and experience, providing visitors with a unique experience.

SONGZIO – Galerie Noir

South Korea’s first-generation brand SONGZIO has opened ‘GALERIE NOIR,’ a cultural art space combining a contemporary art gallery and a flagship store in Dosan Park. Divided into five areas from the basement to the fourth floor, this space is designed to offer a glimpse into SONGZIO’s pure and creative artistic process through the designer’s paintings, drawings, sculptures and media art, which serve as the foundation for the SONGZIO collection. ‘GALERIE NOIR’ aims to showcase SONGZIO’s unique identity and pure creativity, serving as a driving force for continuous innovation and growth. Additionally, with the opening of a flagship store in Paris this coming September, it is expected to further strengthen the status of Korean luxury in the global fashion market.

The JUUN.J Dosan Flagship Store

JUUN.J is a contemporary fashion house founded by South Korean designer Jung Wook Jun in 2007. In 2012, it became a brand under Samsung C&T Corporation. In 2019, JUUN.J opened the ‘Juun.J Dosan Flagship Store’ in Dosan Park. The store emphasizes the brand’s signature color with a ‘Dark Matter’ theme, adorning both the exterior and interior in black. The two-story flagship store features the men’s line on the second floor and the women’s line along with JUUN.J’s collaboration products on the first floor. With a café and a garden, visitors can enjoy a unique brand experience.

WOOYOUNGMI’s Manmade Dosan

WOOYOUNGMI is a high-end contemporary fashion house established in 2002 by South Korean fashion designer Woo Youngmi. The flagship store ‘Manmade Dosan,’ which opened in Dosan Park in 2012, was renewed and reopened last September. ‘Manmade Dosan’ offers a well-organized display space that showcases the concepts of the brands ‘Wooyoungmi,’ ‘Solid Homme,’ and the ‘Wooyoungmi Jewelry Collection.’ The expanded second-floor store exclusively features the Wooyoungmi womenswear line and includes a larger café space, transforming it into a multi-cultural space where fashion and food & beverage (F&B) coexist.

Designer Song Zio

Designer Jung Wook Jun

Designer Woo Youngmi

Photo from hankyung

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