Top 3 Korean Shows to Watch on Netflix

We’d like to recommend
3 Korean dramas that you can peep into the ordinary lives of Koreans.

01. My Mister (나의 아저씨)

Genre : Drama
# of Episodes : 16
On-Aired : 2018-03-21
Casts : Je-Eun Lee (IU), Sun-Kyun Lee, Sae-Byuk Song, Ho-San Park, and more
Keywords : Life, Humanity, Friendship, Reality, Office, Midlife

Who Will Like This Show :

– Those who need comfort and sympathy
– Those who like to drink (casts drink a lot of Soju :))
– Those who can bear gloomy atmosphere
– Those who want to watch a TV show that accurately portray today’s society

When it comes to friendship, age doesn’t matter.
Depicting the life of three middle-aged brothers and one girl in her early 20s who has endured the cold reality, this drama redefines humanity today’s society needs.

My Mister (나의 아저씨)

02. Incomplete Life (미생)

Genre : Drama, Comedy
# of Episodes : 20
On-Aired : 2014-10-17
Casts : Si-Wan Lim, Sora Kang, Ha-Neul Kang, Yohan Byun, and more
Keywords : Joys and Sorrows, Today’s Society, Work, Internship, Survival,
Black Comedy
Who Will Like This Show :
– Those who want to discover Korea’s office life
– Those who like TGV shows with various characters
– Those who want to work in Korea
– Those who want to watch a show based on the comic

It begins with the main character Geu-rae entering the real and competitive worlds as an intern after failing his dreams of becoming a professional ‘baduk’ (the board game) player. The story continues as Gue-rae meets different colleagues.

Incomplete Life (미생)

03. Be Melodramatic
(멜로가 체질)

Genre : Romantic Comedy
# of Episodes : 16
On-Aired : 2019-08-09
Casts : Woo-Hee Chun, Ji-Eun Han, Yeo-Bin Jeon, Jae-Hong Ahn, and more
Keywords : 30-year-old, Adulthood, Romantic Relationship, Friendship, Improving
Who Will Like This Show :
– Those who would like to see three friends’ friendships
– Those who want to feel gratifying
– Those who want to see the TV show displaying entertainment business of Korea, like a write, a producer, an actor and more

Living a life with lifelong best friends can bring so much joy. Here, there are THREE best friends who share their lives together, living the ordinary yet memorable days.

Be Melodramatic (멜로가 체질)

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