What Are Some Popular OTT Services in Korea?

How Many OTT Services Are You Using?

As you alrady know, the term “OTT” (short for “over-the-top”) describes a method of transmitting streaming material over the internet.

In the past, when a customer purchased a cable subscription, their cable TV provider was in charge of providing and making programming accessible.

Users can now register with OTT streaming services and access their content online.

These are 6 Biggest OTT Services in Korea

  1. Netflix

American OTT with the highest number of subscribers in Korea that offers multiple languages. Undoubtedly, Netflix is the top streaming platform in South Korea.

  • Monthly Active Users (As of May 2023) : 11,530,000


TVING is the largest Korean-made OTT operated by TVING (a joint venture of big corporations like CJ E&M, Naver, and JTBC).

TVING is the best medum for those who love TVN programs, as you can find dramas and shows from Korean cable broadcasters, as well as TVN dramas and shows.

  • Monthly Active Users (As of May 2023) : 5,150,000

3. Coupang Play

With the investment, Coupang Play quickly acquired content and expanded its original content, beginning “SNL Korea.”

In the sports arena, it aimed to maintain its own competitiveness by broadcasting a match of Son Heung-min’s soccer team, Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

  • Monthly Active Users (As of May 2023) : 4,310,000

4. wavve

A local OTT service created as a joint venture between the three terrestrial broadcasting companies in Korea (KBS, MBC, and SBS) and SK Telecom, a wireless telecommunications operator in Korea. This platform allows people to watch old shows that have already aired before.

  • Monthly Active Users (As of May 2023) : 3,920,000

5. Disney Plus

An American OTT subscription video service that is owned and run by Disney Entertainment. The OTT content unit at Disney Korea has reportedly lost fifteen people. This is due to the fact that the local Disney Plus division was similarly impacted by Walt Disney’s global personnel decrease. As a result, the creation of domestic original content for Disney Plus has also been temporarily halted.

  • Monthly Active Users (As of May 2023) : 1,797,157


A Korean OTT service that was introduced in 2016 by Watcha Co., Ltd. This had previously introduced Watcha, a Korean movie review database and recommendation service, in 2012. Later in 2020, it will refer to the OTT service. The OTT is experiencing financial difficulties and is looking for acquisition opportunities.

  • Monthly Active Users (As of May 2023) : 720,000

Illegal Streaming Sites like ‘noonoo TV’ Are Getting Trouble in Korea

Noonoo TV is a large domestic free illegal streaming site that was located in the Dominican Republic and served South Korean citizens.

This free OTT platform made money through illegal gambling advertising banners while providing completely free, up-to-date dramas, animations, and films to people.

‘Noonoo TV’ 2, now based in Ethiopia, has returned after being expelled for two months. The site is already full of the most recent premium OTT content. They upload many dramas, comedies, news/documentaries, and international dramas that broadcast the day before. They also operate a Telegram channel to update the address for the audience when it gets blocked.

There is a sharp contrast between these illegal platforms and domestic OTT services. While Korean OTT companies experienced financial hardships, these illegal platforms’ views hit 1.8 billion as of March 2023.

What’s Your Favorite OTT Service, and Why?

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