What Do Koreans Bring for a Housewarming Gift?

Housewarming Party

When someone moves to a new place and settles in, they host a housewarming party and invite their family and friends.

Every country has some sort of “housewarming party”, according to their culture and norms.

Korean Housewarming Party

It’s usually done multiple times, depending on how many family or friend groups you want to invite.

A host prepares food and invites family and friends over. Guests bring gifts.

What Kind of Gift Should You Bring?

Some of the most common gifts are diffusers, interior decorating items, handwash, flowerpots, utensils, etc. that can help make a new house look more beautiful and smell nicer.

But there are some customary gifts that Koreans often give. These gifts have something in common: daily necessities.


It’s something that’s better to have in storage than nothing. Everyone needs toilet paper, and thus it’s one of the most popular gifts that Koreans give at a housewarming party.

The verb “풀리다” can mean both the toilet paper getting unwrapped and things working out well. So giving a package of toilet paper symbolizes luck for the family and a new house.


It has a similar reason to toilet paper, but different symbolism. You know how a detergent can make endless bubbles? These bubbles signify prosperity and wealth.


If a bathroom has toilet paper, the living room and bedrooms need facial tissues. In Korea, facial tissues can be widely used for different purposes than just wiping one’s face, such as cleaning one’s desk.

Does your country have customary gifts that people give each other at a housewarming party?

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