What Happens If Someone Can Hear Other People’s Thoughts?

너의 목소리가 들려 (I Can Hear Your Voice)

It’s a legal drama that starts with Jang Hye-seong, a public defender, encountering Park Soo-ha, a boy with a supernatural ability to read people’s minds.

Main Characters

Jang Hye-sung

When she was a high school student, she witnessed the murder and helped Min Joon-guk, the killer, to be imprisoned. 10 years later, she still has nightmares about the killer’s appearance, afraid of retaliation. She became a public defender. 

Park Soo-ha

He can read people’s thoughts when looking into one’s eyes. When he was a kid, his father was killed by the killer Min Joon-guk. Ever since Jang Hye-sung gave testimony in court to help his father’s unjust death, he had been looking for where she was to protect her from the killer.

Min Joon-guk

The killer who murdered Park Soo-ha’s father. He was sentenced for 10 years due to Jang Hye-seong’s testimony. For the 10 years, he prepared for revenge on Hyesung.

No one had expected the show’s success. Different genres were all mixed up and the setting that the male protagonist can read people’s minds was very absurd. But, the drama was an enormous success, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Big thanks to the fascinating storytelling and the actors’ captivating performances.

– Genre: Legal, romance, fantasy, mystery

– Episodes: 18

– Released year: 2013

– Starring: Lee Bo-young, Lee Jong-suk, Yoon Sang-hyun, Lee Da-hee and more

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