What to Wear and What Not to Wear in Korea

If you’re traveling to a country that you’ve never been to, a matter of ‘what to wear’ is one thing that you have to do some research before visiting. When it comes to clothes, a lot of people think Korea is conservative about clothes and you can’t reveal your skin too much.

Is Korea conservative about clothes?

Korea can be a bit more conservative about clothes compared to Western countries. But it’s quickly changing as the younger generation enjoys dressing how they would like to.

In general, there’s really nothing you cannot wear just because it’s Korea.

Korea is a country with four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter – and you can dress according to the season.

So… What’s appropriate to wear in Korea

Although you can wear anything you want in Korea, there are some things that are better to know before you visit so that you won’t feel like you’re wearing something culturally inappropriate.

Here are 4 things that you might want to know in advance!

1. Short pants/skirts are considered less revealing than plunging tops

Many Koreans consider plunging tops where people can see one’s cleavage more revealing than short pants or skirts just below the hips. You can find many Korean women wearing short skirts, but not plunging tops on the streets.

2. Rarely does anyone take off their tops when jogging outside

Korea has a lot of parks and tracks where you can go for a jog. Even on hot summer days, you’ll rarely see anyone running shirtless.

3. Leggings are for the gym

In Korea, leggings are considered something that you wear at the gym. You won’t find that many people wearing leggings to school or work. There are some people wearing leggings outside of the gym, but they usually cover their hips with a long shirt on top.

4. There are restaurants where you have to take off your shoes

This is not about what’s appropriate or not, but something that’s better to know in advance when choosing your shoes. Some restaurants in Korea require you to take off your shoes when entering the entrance and you have to sit on the floor. You might want to find shoes that are easy to take off.

Today’s Question:

If someone visits your country, is there anything one should be careful about related to clothes?

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