What’s the Square Fish Cake That Seoul City Warned People Not To Touch?

The City Of Seoul To Spray Rabies Bait Preventive Drugs In 2023

The City of Seoul has announced that it will spray 37,000 “rabies bait preventive drugs” in the city’s outskirts by November 30 to form a 157-kilometer quarantine zone to prevent rabies, which is spread through wild animals such as raccoons.

The Spraying Locations Are Chosen Based On Where Wild Animals Live

The spraying locations are Bukhansan, Dobongsan, Suraksan, Bulamsan, Gwanaksan, Yongmasan, Gwanaksan, Woomyeonsan, Yangjaecheon, Tancheon, Anyangcheon, and Uicheon to prevent the spread of rabies from wild animals such as raccoons into Seoul.

Bait Bombs Will Be Sprayed For a Total of 157KM

In order to form a dense defense against rabies, 15 to 20 bait bombs per point at 50 to 100-meter intervals along the border of Seoul will be sprayed for a total of 157 kilometers.

In addition, banners and warnings will be posted in the areas where bait prophylactics are sprayed to guide citizens not to touch the bait prophylactics.

There Have Been No Cases Of Rabies In Seoul Since 2006

Since 2006, rabies bait vaccines for wildlife have been sprayed every spring and fall, and there have been no cases of rabies in Seoul. Rabies bait vaccine is a preventive vaccine placed in fish cake batter to attract wildlife, and when the animal eats it, the vaccine is absorbed through the mucosal epithelium to form immunity.

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