When You Really Need to Go to the Bathroom in Korea

When you are traveling, bathroom issues are inevitable.

It’s so important to know in advance where you can find the bathroom ????

???? What should you do when you suddenly want to go to the bathroom in Korea?

Urgent Level 1 : You need to pee, but still manageable.

☹️ Search nearby public restrooms on Naver or Kakao Map applications.

If you type “restroom” on Naver or Kakao Map applications, you’ll be able to see the location of nearby restrooms.

Urgent Level 2 : In a hurry, but still can walk.

???? Go down to a nearby subway station.

Every subway station has its own public restroom. You’ll easily find a sign that directs you to the restroom. Restrooms are normally located outside a ticket gate, but there are some stations that restroom is located inside a ticket gate. If you are urgent, you just have to tag your card and go inside.

Urgent Level 3 : Emergency!

???? Be bold. Go into any restaurants or cafes nearby and ask if you can use the bathroom.

There’s no time to search nearby public restrooms or look for subway stations. You just have to be bold and ask for help. If a restaurant/cafe says that it doesn’t have a bathroom or you can’t use it, you should go to another one nearby and ask for help????

정말 죄송한데 제가 화장실이 너무 급해서요. 혹시 화장실 사용해도 괜찮을까요?

Jeong-mal jwe-song-han-deh je-ga hwa-jang-sil-e neo-moo geup-hae-seo-yo. Hok-shi hwa-jang-sil sa-yong-hae-doh gwen-chan-eul-gga-yo?

Or download or capture this and show it to people.

*If there happen to be Starbucks nearby, you can use the bathroom without purchasing anything.

Things to know beforehand about Korean bathrooms

1. There might be a shared bathroom for men and women.

A unisex bathroom is rare, but it’s still there. It’s not like there’s one toilet and you’re sharing it. In a room, there’s a space for women and a space for men is right next to it. You might awkwardly encounter at the sink to wash hands.

2. You can bump into squat toilets.

A squat toilet is also rare, but it’s there! You have to crouch down to use it.

3. Some toilet seats are warm and splash water. (bidet)

A bidet is a specialized bathroom equipment that’s attached to a toilet for washing your bottom. The seat is usually warm and if you turn it on, a stream of water comes out ???? It’s more hygienic than toilet paper.

4. Public bathrooms ask to throw toilet paper into the toilet and other bathrooms ask to throw toilet paper into the trash can.

There’s no trash can inside a public bathroom for hygiene reasons. You have to flush toilet paper. It’s water-soluble so there’s no need to worry about clogging. But other bathrooms in restaurants and cafes usually ask people to throw toilet paper into the trash can due to low water pressure. You can often see a notice on the bathroom walls.

5. You have to take a key or know a door lock password to go to the bathroom at restaurants/cafes.

Some restaurants and cafes require a key or a door lock password for bathroom because there’s people who use it without permission and it’s out of control.

???? Discussion for Today’s Topic :

What can travelers do when they really need to go the bathroom in your country?

Please share your thoughts and opinion with us. ????


  1. I throw 🧻 into receptacles.

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