Which Season Do You Want to Visit Korea?

What’s your favorite season?

Each season has its own fascinating characteristics.

Korea has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Which season would be a best season for you to experience Korea?

Here are some information that you would want to keep in mind before booking your tickets to Korea.

Four Seasons of Korea: Ups and Downs

Generally speaking, if you want to experience all the good and bad sides of four seasons, living in Korea for a year would be a great idea ????

People enjoying a picnic at a Seoul Forest Park.

Forsythias blooming

Yellow dust covering the Seoul city

Spring is a season that you’ll see all the flowers bloom. It’s a lovely season to go on a picnic. Streets with spring flowers like cherry blossoms and forsythias are packed with people taking pictures underneath the beautiful trees.

???? Flowers only bloom for a very short amount of time. And if it rains, all the blossoms fall down quickly.????

???? Yellow dust warning! It usually occurs between March and May. Yellow dust, Hwang-sa(황사) in Korean, is fine sand particles containing industrial pollutants, fungi, bacteria, heavy metals, etc. that originated from dry deserts from China and Mongolia, such as Gobi desert. There are some days that yellow dust is so severe that the government warns people to stay inside (and students don’t go to the school).

???? A light jacket or a cardigan would be nice to bring because it’s still quite chilly in the morning and night!

???? Seoul Forest Park is one of the spots in Seoul that we recommend to go on a picnic and enjoy the flowers.

One of many valleys in Korea.

How Koreans feel in summer

Apple watch thought this person was swimming because the weather is so humid!

Summer, it’s a best time to party! People enjoy the summer time going to the vacations. Beaches, festivals and valleys! You know, Korea is surrounded by many mountains and there are beautiful valleys inside those mountains. People hike, go into the water, eat delicious foods, and look around the amazing view of the mountains.

???? Humidity warning! Korea is too humid in summer. You’ll feel like you are in the water. When it’s raining, the humidity gets worse. So don’t forget to bring your deodrant!

???? You would want to avoid monsoon season, which usually occurs between June and July, unless you’d like to experience it. Humidity gets worst and umbrella is a must for this period! It will rain every single day!

????‍♀️ You need to know, in advance, that summer in Korea can be freezing as well. Most of the buildings, trains, buses, subways turn on the AC as strong as they can so you always have to bring your cardigan so that you can wear when you get inside the building.

???? Bukhansan is a mountain located in Seoul that was designated as a national park in 1983. There’s streams flowing down the mountains so it’s one of the best places to enjoy your summer in Korea.

When there’s no fine dust

When there’s fine dust

Fall is a season that you can savour various colors. Ginkgo trees are easily seen on the big streets and maple trees are everywhere in the mountains. It’s a season that you would love to take a walk on different streets of Korea.

????‍???? But sadly, fall is getting shorter and shorter! There’s only one or two weeks that you can wear your trench coat or a rider jacket and they have to go back into the storage because it’s already too cold to wear those kinds of clothes.

???? Fine/ultrafine dust is the highest in fall. It’s important to wear a mask when going outside (but for now, it’s mandatory to wear a mask due to Covid-19). But when there’s no fine dust, you can see the most beautiful sky in fall.

???? Seoraksan is the mountain located in Gangwon-do where you can fully enjoy the scenery of autumn leaves.

The On-dol system that our ancestors used back in the days.

How the On-dol system has improved these days. Underneath the floor of Korean houses has these floor heating system that makes the house warm.

Winter is a season to see beautiful snow falling down from the sky and lay your body on the warm floor, thanks to the Korean floor heating system called On-dol.

???? Freezing. Period. Winter in Korea is windy, snowy, dry, and cold. But heating system in Korea easily defeats the coldness by heating up the all surfaces of the floor. Lying down on the floor will quickly make your body warmer.

???? Again, fine/ultrafine dust problem. There’s going to be some days that fine dust is worse than the other days. But other than those days, you’ll be able to feel the clear, fresh air of winter.

???? Be ready for the cold weather! Bring gloves, hats, winter coats, thick socks, and everything that can make you stay warm!

???? Jjim-jil-bang, aka Korean sauna, is a good place to go in cold winter time. It’s a wonderful place to relax your body in a steam room, eat Korean foods, take a nice, long shower, get a massage, and sleep. (You can basically do everything here).

???? Today’s Question for UoH friends ????

– Which Season Do You Want to Visit Korea?


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