Why Do Doctors Do Tattoos in Korea?

Under the current law, tattooing by a person who does not have a medical license is subject to criminal punishment. That’s why in the title we said, officially speaking, only doctors can do tattoos in Korea. But there are many tattoo artists without a medical license running their own tattoo shop.

In 1992, Supreme Court precedents defined tattoos as medical practices and unlicensed medical practices, tattoo in this case, could be sentenced to more than two years in prison under the Health Crime Control Act.

On top of that, fines of more than 1 million won (1 thousand dollars) and less than 10 million won (10 thousand dollars) will also be imposed.

Tattoo artists in Korea have no choice but to illegally do business.

But first, let’s talk about tattoo in general.

Gang members with tattoos on their back

Many Koreans, especially older generations, have a negative perception of tattoo. Delinquent, violent, rebellious, scary, unprofessional are some of the keywords that show what people think of the tattoos. Some even say “Filter out whose who got tattoos.” ????

Why so many people didn’t like tattoos?

Back in the days, gangsters were a few of the people who had tattoos on their body. They usually get symbolic designs like dragon, carp, tiger, plum blossoms that have magical meanings.

The gangsters’ impression was so strong that when people think of the tattoos, they straight think of the gangsters. They thought those who do illegal things get tattoos on their body. And people’s perception continues to this day.

Arm warmers with tattoo patterns in an online store

That’s why people tend to be “nicer” to the drivers showing their arm tattoos.???? There’s even online stores selling tattoo-patterned arm warmers.

Celebrities can’t show their tattoos in public broadcasting stations. Their tattoos are covered with tapes

We can easily see how the public defines tattoo through celebrities in the TV shows. Celebrities can’t show their tattoos in public broadcasting stations. They have to cover their tattoos with tapes.

It’s because there are broadcasting regulations managing and supervising celebrities’ tattoos on air as teenagers might have the urge to get a tattoo and imitate celebrities. Also, the regulations claim that excessive tattoos can cause discomfort to viewers.

But beauty tattoos are famous in Korea.

Eyeliner tattoo

lip tattoo

Eyebrows tattoo

lip tattoo

But Koreans are generous with “beauty” tattoos. Beauty tattoo is a semi-permanent tattoo that makes you look like you put on a make-up even though you have no make-up on. These beauty tattoos last for about one or two years (but it depends on your skin type).

Among all, eyebrows tattoo is the most loved one. Everyone, regardless of gender or age, loves to get eyebrows tattoo.

One of the pros of eyebrows tattoo is that it makes the facial features sharper. Many middle-aged men and women get eyebrows tattoo because their eyebrows become shallow and blurred.

Here are three famous politicians who got eyebrows tattoo.

In younger generations, tattoo is rather considered an “art” that expresses your individuality and uniqueness

Discussion for Today’s Topic :

How do you think about getting a tattoo?

???? Feel free to share your opinion with us.

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