Why Do Koreans Have Clear Skin?

Do Koreans Really Have Clear Skin?

There are various stereotypes about Koreans, one of which is that their skin is clear and white. We can’t say that ALL Koreans have clear, glowing skin, but it’s true that a lot of Koreans do have clear skin.

Why? 1. Skincare Routine

Many Koreans enjoy taking care of their skin. They choose skincare products according to their skin type and condition. Some people have different products for the morning and the evening, and some make their own special skincare routine for a damaged skin barrier.

One of the most famous “facial treatment” many Koreans enjoy is putting on a facial mask every night, called “1일 1팩”.

It can be not good to use a facial mask with too much strong ingredients every day, so people

usually find something mild.

Why? 2. Sun Protection

(Reference: Woman Donga)

Many studies have shown that sunlight is a major factor in skin aging. And many Koreans try their best to avoid the sun as much as possible. They put on sunscreen, carry a UV umbrella, and try to stay inside or in shade when the sun is too strong.

Why? 3. Diet

A healthy diet can improve one’s skin condition. Korean foods, if consumed well, are filled with nutrition. Kimchi, cheongjukjang, and doenjang are high in probiotics, which are known to have various skin benefits. Garlic, which is the main basic ingredient for a lot of Korean dishes, is known to have anti-aging, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Why? 4. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures

Promotions of non-invasive cosmetic procedures for students who just finished the college entrance exam

From students to the elderly, non-invasive cosmetic procedures that improve skin conditions, clear spots and blemishes, smooth wrinkles, and promote collagen production are commonly practiced in Korea. Many people go to the dermatologist when they feel their skin needs some treatment or care.

Why? 5. Genetics

Jang Na-ra 42 years old (left) / Jay Park 36 years old (right)

East Asians have comparably thicker skin because they naturally have more collagen-producing cells. It leads to a delay in skin aging and helps to preserve a skin’s elasticity. It also can make people to look younger than they actually are.

Today’s Question:
Do you have a skincare routine? If you do, can you share it with us?

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