Why in the World Are Rooftops in Korea GREEN?

Have you ever wondered why so many buildings in Korea have green rooftops?

I mean, they are just SO GREEN. ???? What’s your guess? ???? Some people think it’s a tennis court and others think it’s a lawn. Well, neither is correct.

It’s waterproof paint.

So, why use waterproof on rooftops?

Because Korea has all four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) buildings can be easily exposed to cracks and leaks due to temperature differences. Strong sunlight, heavy rain and snow can all bring damage to buildings. That’s why it’s essential to coat the surface of rooftops with waterproof paint.

But, why is it green?

Urethane coatings, the most widely waterproof coatings in Korea, contain a substance called chromium oxide, which has a green color. 

Why not other colors?

Other colors, such as gray and white, are also used, but they are not as popular as green. As studies show that white coating lowers the temperature of buildings, the “Cool Roof Campaign” continues to take place. 

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