Seoul to Introduce New Brand and City Slogan in 2022

Photo by the Seoul Metropolitan Government

December 2022 – The Seoul city will have a new slogan!

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on August 16th that it will be developing a new city brand that global citizens would love. As a media brand about Korea, the UoH is always interested in city brands of Korea and other countries.

Seoul’s previous city brand ‘I·SEOUL·U’ was there for 7 years…

‘I·SEOUL·U’ was created under Seoul’s Mayor Park Won-soon in 2015. So it’s been 7 years already. Back in 2015, there was a big project about this where around 80,000 citizens gathered around to select Seoul’s 3 brand identity key words of ‘coexistence,’ ‘passion,’ and ‘relaxation.’

But the thing is, not only foreigners but also Koreans did not understand the slogan of ‘I·SEOUL·U’

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the existing slogan has a vague meaning that does not blend well with Seoul’s image and future.

Only around 70% of locals said that they were aware of the existing slogan, and more than 70% of foreigners answered that they did not know or have never heard about the slogan.

Next slogan’s focus : To raise global awareness of Seoul

The Seoul Metropolitan Government mapped out a sample survey with citizens from the 10 major cities, including New York City, Paris, and London, to ask about “the value of Seoul”. After that, in the upcoming August and September, Seoul will compile opinions from locals on Seoul’s identity and future plans. From September, the expert group will select the key brand identity words of Seoul and develop the designs. Finally, in December, the new slogan is here.

Take a look at other cities’ brand image rankings

According to Ipsos, London tops the ‘city brand’ ranking with the most positive image by achieving positive perceptions. We think this is more of an overall city value, including getting a higher education, finding a job in the city, appreciating the culture, and more.

Here are 2 city brands with stellar visuals in our opinion…

1. Porto

[elementor-template id=”4265″]

Porto city branding was designed back in 2014 by White Studio. The visual identity is very organized, simplified, clear and unique.

2. Melbourne

[elementor-template id=”4271″]

This city branding is done by the brand & design group Landor & Fitch. Melbourne’s M stands out for endless visual expressions with a versatile pattern play. The visual captures the unified, future-focused image well.

What do you think? What are some great examples of city branding in your opinion? Please let us know in the comments below ????

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