The Korean Artist You Need to Know If You’re a Fan of Folk Music

1964/1/22 ~ 1996/1/6

김광석 (Kim Kwang-seok) is a legendary singer-songwriter who died at the age of 31. Although many questions remain behind his death, it is known as a suicide. 

He sang about people’s life.

Representing the 90s of Korean music, he is a singer who started the folk wave in Korea. He touches people’s soul. His lyrics are poetic, sentimental, and emotional.  Regardless of age, everyone loved his songs. He sang about every stages of life (love, relationship, friendship, regrets, parenthood, and almost anything.)

He performed more than 1,000 times.

He insisted to perform on a small theater stage and wanted to be together with the audience. He released a total of four albums in his lifetime. 

Recommended Songs

1. 너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을 (Love that is too painful wasn’t love)
2. 서른즈음에 (Around Thirty)
3. 사랑했지만 (Though I Loved You)
4. 일어나 (Get Up)
5. 이등병의 편지 (A Letter From a Private)
6. 어느 60대 노부부의 이야기 (The Story of a Couple in Their 60s)
7. 바람이 불어오는 곳 (The Place Where the Wind Blows)

Type “Kim Kwang-seok” on YouTube! You can see his live performances and listen to his songs.

서른즈음에 (Around Thirty)

또 하루 멀어져 간다
Another day goes away

내 뿜은 담배 연기처럼
like my smoking fumes

작기만 한 내 기억 속에
only in my memory

무얼 채워 살고 있는지
what am I living for

점점 더 멀어져 간다
Slowly it goes away

머물러 있는 청춘인 줄 알았는데
my youth, which I thought it would stay

비어가는 내 가슴 속엔
In my empty heart

더 아무것도 찾을 수 없네
there is nothing to look for

계절은 다시 돌아오지만
The seasons come again

떠나간 내 사랑은 어디에
where is my love that left

내가 떠나 보낸 것도 아닌데
It’s not like I send it off

내가 떠나온 것도 아닌데
It’s not like I left it

조금씩 잊혀져 간다
I forget little by little

머물러 있는 사랑인 줄 알았는데
the love which I thought it will remain

또 하루 멀어져 간다
another day goes away

매일 이별하며 살고 있구나
I live like I’m breaking up every day

매일 이별하며 살고 있구나
I live like I’m breaking up every day

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